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Dec 26, 2017

Sometimes I meet someone who seems like she has all of the answers and has created a perfect life for herself. Other times, I encounter people who think this way about me. Inside, though, we all have things that we struggle with. Lisa Lieberman-Wang has a similar story and, as a result, created seven secrets to overcoming self-sabotage. In our conversation, you’ll learn about how her sometimes-difficult life journey led her to become the amazing woman she is today.

Connect With Lisa:

Fine to FAB
7 Secrets to FAB Workshop Online
Lisa Lieberman-Wang
@LLiebermanWang on Twitter
Lisa Lieberman-Wang on LinkedIn
Lisa D. Lieberman-Wang on Facebook
lisaliebermanwang on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [05:44] - Lisa starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and explaining what her childhood and home life were like. We learn how these experiences led her to feel like she was never good enough.
  • [08:30] - How did growing up like this affect Lisa’s life going forward?
  • [11:28] - Lisa points out that smart people who have everything going for them are the people who are the hardest on themselves.
  • [15:38] - After 13 years of self-abuse, what happened? What was the point when Lisa decided to take control of her life? In her answer, Lisa shares her experiences with Tony Robbins.
  • [20:24] - Lisa shares advice for someone listening who needs courage to change their lives. She points out that “ego” can stand for “edging God out.”
  • [21:54] - What do you do to get yourself into a state of gratitude?
  • [24:51] - Lisa hadn’t found her mission at the point in her life she was discussing, but decided to continue her journey. She mentions some people she has learned from, and shares how her life journey has progressed since then and how this led to her book.
  • [29:48] - Lisa talks about the seven secrets to overcoming self-sabotage. The first of the seven secrets is acknowledging fear and doubt, and understanding that you’re doing it.
  • [31:33] - Orion takes a moment to discuss her own childhood, which was very painful during the years when she was forming core beliefs. Lisa then addresses how to handle this situation by breaking through toxic meanings and emotions.
  • [34:07] - The fourth of Lisa’s seven secrets is breaking the trance.
  • [35:22] - What does Lisa do to break the trance when she finds herself slipping into an old pattern of behavior?
  • [38:47] - Has Lisa ever had difficulty handling “no”? She explains that she trained herself early on to not take “no” personally.
  • [40:35] - Orion asks how to take what Lisa has been saying from the conceptual to something she can really feel.
  • [44:08] - Does Lisa have any rituals that she does when she needs to feel stronger, more secure, or more confident?
  • [46:42] - Lisa discusses how she gets over feeling overwhelmed by learning to delegate.
  • [47:44] - What are Lisa’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Remember that you’re FAB (fabulous, awesome and beautiful). 2. Strive for imperfection, or take imperfect action often. 3. Practice being in the moment and appreciating what you have.
  • [48:51] - Lisa offers ways for people to find her, as well as a way to get a free consultation with her.

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Dec 19, 2017

The amazing Ephraim Olschewski is here to talk about happiness, money, and success. Ephraim is a master listener, which is an incredibly important and uncommon trait. He’s also a sought-after coach for executives, entrepreneurs, and highly committed people around the world. I’m privileged enough to be good friends with Ephraim, and I can tell you firsthand that he’s absolutely brilliant. If you’re ready to improve your life, financial situation, and relationship with happiness, this is the episode for you!

Connect With Ephraim:

Ephraim S Olschewski on Facebook
@EOlschewski on Twitter
Ephraim Olschewski on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [04:57] - Ephraim starts off by telling the audience a bit about himself, leading with the important fact that he’s a husband and a father.
  • [05:57] - What sets Ephraim apart from other coaches?
  • [08:17] - Ephraim talks about the importance of listening, which he says is an incredibly important but very lacking skill.
  • [10:39] - What is “the zone” that Ephraim has just mentioned? He answers, then talks about how to get into the zone.
  • [14:16] - We hear about how often Ephraim gets into the zone. He points out that you can easily notice when you’re not in the zone, and explains that transcendental meditation has helped him get into the zone more frequently.
  • [17:25] - Ephraim estimates how much he has invested in his own training, development, and education, and explains how much his coaching services cost.
  • [19:58] - How does Ephraim change his clients’ lives?
  • [22:40] - Ephraim offers advice on how to build a better relationship with the self, and recommends Byron Katie.
  • [25:50] - How has Ephraim’s relationship with himself changed since he was younger, and what kind of relationship does he have with himself now?
  • [29:03] - The trait that Ephraim consistently finds in the most successful people is being in action.
  • [31:44] - Orion and Ephraim talk about the emotion underlying the actions that successful people take. Orion points out the difference between action coming from fear versus abundance.
  • [34:38] - Does Ephraim use a lot of social media in his business?
  • [38:16] - Ephraim discusses how he got his first clients when he started out as a coach. Rather than him looking for them, his clients found him.
  • [41:19] - Orion responds to what Ephraim has been saying about money, saying that she can’t relate to the way he sees money and abundance.
  • [44:00] - Ephraim walks Orion through an exercise surrounding money.
  • [48:10] - Ephraim offers another way to work through your ideas about money, which involves writing down all of your thoughts and feelings about it.
  • [51:43] - Our relationship with happiness, rather than our circumstances, may be what needs to change to allow us to feel happy.
  • [54:27] - Ephraim uses a specific example to illustrate what he means about our relationship with happiness.
  • [56:49] - Instead of “wanting” money, what would Ephraim suggest?
  • [57:45] - What are Ephraim’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Practice transcendental meditation 2. Consistency. 3. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.
  • [58:54] - Where can people find Ephraim if they want to get in touch with him?

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Dec 12, 2017

Rob Dionne joins me in this episode to inspire you to focus on health, fitness and nutrition. We make good choices when we are motivated and value our bodies. . We dig into what it means to be motivated and how to take care of yourself. We also talk about why it’s so important to be true to yourself and how to align your values with your habits.

Connect With Rob:

Open Sky Fitness: About Rob
Open Sky Fitness - Rob Dionne on Facebook
@OpenSkyFitness on Twitter
Open Sky Fitness coaching
Open Sky Fitness Sky Fit Challenge
Open Sky Fitness Podcast on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:08] - Rob starts things off by telling listeners a little bit about himself.
  • [05:27] - Rob talks about the documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and digs into why the footage wasn’t released until recently.
  • [07:22] - Does Rob post openly on social media even when he’s having negative experiences or a bad day? In response, Rob talks about a video he made and discusses the value of being honest about what you’re struggling with.
  • [11:15] - Rob lists some of the things that came up when he invited feedback.
  • [12:52] - What made Rob become a personal trainer? He reveals in his answer that he’s been into working out since he was very young, and talks us through the life path that led him to training his first client.
  • [17:08] - Orion talks about the fulfillment that comes from helping clients, and explains that she has also done both acting and personal training.
  • [18:56] - If you aren’t willing to look inside and dissect what’s happening, you’re not going to be successful, Rob explains.
  • [20:26] - Orion points out that you can see pictures of people shortly before they commit suicide, and they’re smiling and looking like they’re having a great time.
  • [21:08] - Did Jim Carrey lift himself up after the experience Rob has been discussing?
  • [24:24] - Rob explains that there are certain success markers that we use in our lives, and reveals that he was rewarded for working and often felt like he was never good enough.
  • [28:53] - Self-love is the key to breaking that cycle, Rob reveals.
  • [30:42] - Rob uses Orion as an example of how someone can change their lifestyle.
  • [33:24] - Orion used to need to drink a lot of caffeine to get through the day. Now, her diet is clean and organic, but she often finds that she doesn’t have time to cook.
  • [35:31] - If you want to get healthy and see results, you can’t work on it half the time; it has to be a part of your daily life the way brushing your teeth is.
  • [38:44] - Rob offers a tip: when you get back from a walk, sit down and stand up as many times as you can in one minute, and write down the number. Do the same for pushups.
  • [40:13] - Rob sometimes hosts challenges for people in his community to leave reviews.
  • [41:26] - How do you ignite that inner fire and create desire on a deep level, nurturing inspiration that comes from within?
  • [46:12] - Orion points out that clients need to be ready, willing, and able, and need to bring their own motivation.
  • [47:02] - Orion offers a technique to help people before they hit rock bottom.
  • [49:45] - Rob shares his thoughts on Orion’s technique, and points out that you can’t help people in your life unless you’re willing to help yourself first.
  • [53:45] - What are Rob’s top tips for a busy person for food prepping, scheduling, and exercise routine?
  • [55:44] - Following a specific diet is usually a great recipe for eventual failure, because you feel restricted.
  • [59:24] - What are Rob’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Be true to yourself and listen to yourself. 2. If you want to succeed at anything, you need to create a map. 3. Create a community around all the things you do, and find people who want what you want.
  • [60:43] - Where can people go to find out more about Rob or in get in touch with him?

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Dec 5, 2017

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert who teaches influencers how to be successful using video and social media. There’s one YouTube metric that’s even more important than views or subscribers. Sean will explain why “minutes matter most.” In other words, the view time on your videos is the most important metric. In this conversation, he’ll take a deep dive into the ins and outs of being successful on YouTube. His expert tips will help whether you’re a beginner or have already started growing your presence on the platform.

Connect With Sean:

Sean Cannell
@SeanCannell on Twitter
Think Media on YouTube
Video Influencers on YouTube

The Mission Log:

  • [02:26] - Orion starts the show off with a fun fact: both she and Sean like The Flash.
  • [03:28] - Sean talks a bit about himself and his life, explaining how he met his wife and some health challenges she went through. He then discusses how he got into video around a decade ago.
  • [08:02] - Orion’s tough times have been her greatest gift, she explains. Sean agrees and ties this into his experiences.
  • [11:08] - We hear how Sean has changed in the past decade or so. He explains the ways in which he has become a better human being, particularly through gratitude and compassion.
  • [15:01] - We hear a story of an encounter that Orion had during a recent trip to India, illustrating how much abundance most of us have in our lives.
  • [18:24] - Who have Sean’s teachers been in his life journey and transformation?
  • [21:41] - Sean talks about the impact that changing your environment can have on your success.
  • [23:23] - Let’s talk YouTube! Orion talks about her experiences in trying to get started on YouTube.
  • [24:10] - The best time to start on YouTube was in 2005, when the site started. But that’s irrelevant now, Sean points out, and the second-best time to get started is today. He offers some advice on how to do this.
  • [27:08] - Sean talks about what not to do, which is looking at someone else’s channel on YouTube, liking it, and deciding to do what they’re doing because you like it.
  • [30:15] - “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” Sean memorably says as he explains why it’s so important to be yourself and be unique on YouTube.
  • [31:22] - How important is a YouTube channel’s name? How do you plan and strategize when you’re at the very beginning of planning and creating your channel?
  • [34:52] - Sean recommends having what he calls a “napkin content strategy.” He explains what this is, and how simple and straightforward it can be.
  • [36:53] - The two things you should define for your YouTube channel are who your audience is and what kind of value you’re going to deliver.
  • [40:58] - Sean talks about what to do once you’ve identified your audience and value proposition: put out consistent, strategic, valuable content.
  • [41:26] - Sean’s team is still relatively small. He also talks about the growth process of his YouTube channel, which started in 2010 but took off in late 2015.
  • [43:51] - What are some of the most important tips regarding ranking for beginners? In his answer, Sean goes into depth on how to title your video.
  • [45:26] - Another mistake that a lot of people make is shooting their video first, and then trying to optimize it later.
  • [50:22] - Sean offers another tip regarding being specific. For example, you’ll probably never rank for “low carb,” but have a great shot for “low carb meal prep for weight loss.”
  • [51:41] - One of the big mistakes that Sean sees people making is thinking that views or subscribers are the most important metrics. Instead, he explains, minutes matter most.
  • [55:52] - The point, Sean explains, is that if you want to grow your channel authority, you need to put out consistent content and then hustle to get people to watch your videos.
  • [56:51] - Where can listeners find Sean?

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Nov 28, 2017

So far, every Stellar Life episode has been a conversation with someone amazing. In this one,, I’m doing it solo for the first time. That’s right - today, it’s just me talking straight to you. I’ll share some of my life journey with you and let you learn more about me than ever before. I’ll also give you five powerful tools to help you unleash your own incredible superhero!

The Mission Log:

  • [01:31] - Orion is excited about this first solo episode, and points out that excitement and fear are two sides of the same coin.
  • [04:21] - This solo episode is all about loving yourself, becoming more confident, attracting love, becoming more of who you really are, and taking your relationship to the next level.
  • [08:30] - Today’s episode will be about confidence and how to tap into the part of you that is super powerful and successful, Orion explains. She then offers information on how to join her group on Facebook.
  • [10:45] - Orion believes that you are much stronger than you think you are.
  • [11:48] - Orion takes a moment to tell listeners a little more about herself than she usually shares in the intro to her podcast. She explains what she does and talks about what goes into her method.
  • [16:28] - We learn that Orion’s approach involves working on the mind, body, and spirit, because everything is connected.
  • [16:55] - Orion was born in Tel Aviv, and grew up with her single mom and her sister. She walks us through her life path, including her spontaneous decision to go to Japan.
  • [21:45] - We hear about Orion’s encounter with a man who she mistakenly thought was her dream come true, and how the painful experience gave her the inspiration to grow.
  • [24:29] - These days, Orion lives with her husband and her kitty in Santa Monica, and she loves her life! She also talks about some of the struggles of being a woman.
  • [28:19] - Orion’s method, she explains, is about mastering your own power. There is power in femininity and vulnerability, she points out.
  • [30:43] - Sometimes the biggest control is in giving up control and allowing the Universe to guide you on your path.
  • [31:16] - Orion asks listeners to take a moment to think about who your own personal superhero is. She then explains why it’s so important to awaken the part of you that’s strong and like a superhero.
  • [35:16] - Orion provides five magic pills to awaken that superhero-like part of you. First, get into a super state, or a flow state, and get outside of your comfort zone.
  • [40:22] - Use amazing foods to nourish your body. Orion points out that many successful women neglect or ignore their bodies.
  • [42:38] - Think about your friends and who you hang out with. Orion points out that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so hang out with people who model the successes you want.
  • [44:10] - Orion summarizes the five magic tips to unleash your superhero: 1. Use a state of flow to achieve success. 2. Nourish your body. 3. Train your body through exercise and weight training. 4. Make super friends! 5. Act with super speed, and don’t be wishy-washing about your life.

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Nov 21, 2017

My guest for this episode, Dr. Harry Adelson, is an expert on stem cell injections. He knows all about using stem cell injections to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain. Harry has performed over 4,000 procedures, making him one of the world’s true experts on this subject. His innovative approach involves injecting a blend of stem cells into an injured place, allowing the body miraculously heal itself. He’ll explain how this works on today’s show.

Connect With Harry:

Docere Clinics
About Harry Adelson

The Mission Log:

  • [03:54] - How did Harry get involved with stem cells? He describes his background in rock climbing, and mentions his experience in being treated with prolotherapy.
  • [06:24] - We hear about how Harry learned about the use of bone marrow stem cell injections into arthritic joints, and how this led to his exploration of stem cells.
  • [08:22] - Harry explains what stem cells are and what makes them unique.
  • [10:41] - Orion clarifies in simpler terms: the stem cells are basically like the ace in a deck of cards, because they can be anything.
  • [10:56] - What kinds of conditions can stem cells treat?
  • [13:10] - Harry’s area of specialty is treating musculoskeletal pain rather than using stem cells in the brain, he explains, but there are quite a few other areas (including the brain) that can be treated with stem cells.
  • [17:19] - Harry talks about the treatments that he has done on Dave Asprey and his whole family.
  • [19:48] - We learn about the “P-shot” (or, as Orion calls it, the “privates shot”), which Harry explains is very popular in South America.
  • [21:26] - Can stem cells help with hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue? Harry answers that this isn’t his area of focus, but he has had patients tell him all kinds of fascinating things that suggests the treatments have a positive systemic effect.
  • [22:38] - Harry explains that results vary and some patients aren’t helped by his treatments. After that disclaimer, he explains that they do help most people, and gives an example of a great recent case.
  • [23:49] - The biggest risk in injecting stem cells is infection, Harry explains, but the risk is extremely rare and not unique to stem cell therapy. He then talks about a case in cosmetic surgery when a combination of stem cells and cosmetic filler went wrong.
  • [25:44] - Harry talks about the types of stem cells that he uses in his practice.
  • [29:17] - It’s been about a year since Harry started using his new combination of stem cell types, so it’s still too early to tell exactly how successful it is.
  • [31:38] - Harry discusses banking stem cells, as well as a new technology that involves culture expansion of your own stem cells.
  • [33:18] - How do the facilities in the US compare to those in other countries?
  • [34:30] - There’s no reliable way to measure the quality of stem cells in a clinic, so Harry doesn’t routinely do it.
  • [36:47] - Our genetics, lifestyle, and diet can all affect our genetics. Dr. Harry discusses how the combination of genetics and lifestyle can impact our stem cells.
  • [40:07] - Harry talks about his recommendations for Orion, given the general wear and tear she mentions in her body.
  • [42:21] - We hear in more detail about the process of getting a procedure at Harry’s clinic.
  • [45:08] - At what age should we bank our stem cells? As early as possible, Harry answers, because our stem cells age as we do.
  • [45:50] - Harry doubts that these treatments will be covered by insurance. He explains that his procedures currently cost $6,000 to $15,000.
  • [48:12] - What are Harry’s three top tips for living a stellar life? The four pillars to health are emotional balance, sleep, exercise, and diet, he explains, then gives his three tips: 1. Take care of your mindset and don’t blame others for your own suffering. 2. Bank your stem cells. 3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
  • [52:28] - Where can people find Harry?

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Nov 14, 2017

A quick confession: I love every conversation I have on this show. I was so excited for this one that I forgot to hit “record” for a moment! Jay Baer is my guest today, and he's an expert on making customers happy. You probably know the feeling of getting a complaint or criticism at work. But if you have an online presence, you probably know all about the power of bad reviews. Bad reviews can happen to anyone , no matter how hard we try to satisfy our customers. So listen as we learn to deal with bad reviews and hug your haters!

Connect With Jay:
@jaybaer on Twitter
Jay Baer on LinkedIn
Jay Baer on Facebook
Convince & Convert

The Mission Log:

  • [01:56] - We learn that Jay had a microphone in his hand from a young age, which contributed to his comfort as a speaker. He then discusses two other pieces that contribute to being a great speaker.
  • [03:59] - Talks have to be fun, Jay points out, both for the audience and for his sake.
  • [05:21] - Jay discusses how he prepares for his presentations and adapts to the lifestyle necessary as a speaker. He then talks about using time on planes.
  • [08:52] - How did Jay choose his job, and what drives him?
  • [11:54] - Jay writes his books himself or with co-writers, but doesn’t use ghostwriters. It’s actually faster for him to write them himself. He then discusses his process for writing books.
  • [14:37] - What, in marketing, has changed in the last 25 years? And what do we still do the same way?
  • [16:27] - Jay discusses how he came up with the idea of hugging your haters.
  • [18:33] - One of the things that Jay discovered in his research is that a third of customer complaints are never answered.
  • [20:58] - How do you connect with and answer everyone across all your platforms when you’re already incredibly busy with running a business?
  • [23:43] - Jay talks about his tips for answering a review, exploring some major risks or traps that people tend to fall into.
  • [27:19] - Does Jay have examples of good and bad answers?
  • [31:11] - Orion talks about a recent Kabbalah class that she took addressing truth and mercy, and relates this to what Jay has been saying. Jay then talks about a trait that people who are great at customer service have in common.
  • [33:50] - We hear Orion’s thoughts on what people do in the name of “truth,” and the potential for role reversal between the oppressed and the oppressors.
  • [35:34] - Jay elaborates on the topic of mercy, explaining that companies need to have mercy for unhappy customers, but customers sometimes need to have a little bit of mercy for companies as well.
  • [38:41] - Jay discusses dealing with the extreme cases online, offering advice for how to deal with potential trolls online.
  • [40:44] - Orion ties what Jay has been saying to something that Gary Vaynerchuk credits with his success.
  • [41:21] - How do you create raving fans?
  • [43:05] - Jay offers advice on the process of doing things that surprise your customers, which he explained is the key to creating raving fans.
  • [45:21] - Does Jay have any brilliant ideas for Orion’s next business card? He suggests using lipstick.
  • [46:28] - What are Jay’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. 2. Don’t be afraid to delegate. 3. Spend as much time as you can around young people.
  • [49:05] - Jay takes a moment to rave about his friend Daniel Lemin, who is a co-founder at Selectivor.
  • [50:28] - Where can people find Jay?

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Nov 7, 2017

The vibrant Carolyn Ketchum joins me in this episode to bring color and flavor into the subject of low-carb diets! Carolyn is the writer and photographer behind the successful blog All Day I Dream About Food. She’s here to show that a low-carb diet doesn’t have to be boring and to offer inspiration on making the transition to a healthier life. You won’t want to miss her practical ideas and wonderful food knowledge in this episode of Stellar Life.

Connect With Carolyn:

All Day I Dream About Food
@AllDayIDreamAbout Food on Facebook
@fooddreamer on Instagram
@dreamaboutfood on Twitter
@dreamaboutfood on Pinterest
The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen by Carolyn Ketchum

The Mission Log:

  • [04:08] - Carolyn starts things off by sharing a little bit about herself and her background in sharing recipes.
  • [06:13] - We hear about Carolyn’s first blog post, which she explains wasn’t even low carb. She then talks about getting her first fans, and discusses when brands started paying attention to her blog.
  • [08:51] - What did Carolyn figure out as far as marketing her blog?
  • [10:20] - Carolyn discusses what happens after she hit about 100,000 page views per month.
  • [12:20] - We learn about how Carolyn manages to stay slender even though she dreams about food all day.
  • [14:13] - When was the moment that Carolyn realized that she loved creating foods and recipes?
  • [15:33] - Carolyn thinks that the vast majority of the population could benefit from a low-carb diet. She then discusses the difference between vegetable oils and animal fat.
  • [18:13] - What cooking oils does Carolyn use?
  • [19:51] - Carolyn discusses her approach compared to Dave Asprey’s approach.
  • [22:02] - Carolyn doesn’t love routine, so she doesn’t have a regular breakfast. Instead, she often eats last night’s leftovers.
  • [23:31] - We learn about how Carolyn manages a work-life balance, and how she handles her workload.
  • [26:27] - Carolyn has thought of hiring one of her fans as her assistant, because she needs one who knows at least something about both low-carb diets and blogging.
  • [27:42] - Carolyn describes how her book came to be and raves about her publisher, Victory Belt Publishing.
  • [29:19] - Orion reveals that she has been in the process of writing two books, and shares her fear that an editor will change her works in such a way that they’ll no longer sound like her.
  • [32:39] - Orion has a big problem with Carolyn’s book: it’s is so beautiful that it makes her hungry.
  • [34:45] - We hear Carolyn’s thoughts on how to stay humble and real in the midst of all the noise and success?
  • [36:04] - Orion’s second problem with Carolyn’s book is that her husband is vegetarian, making it hard for her to share these dishes with him. What’s Carolyn’s advice for someone in this situation?
  • [40:17] - If Carolyn had to eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be smoked salmon.
  • [40:40] - What are Carolyn’s recommendations from someone who wants to switch from a standard American diet to a ketogenic diet?
  • [41:37] - Carolyn offers advice on what to do if you’re on a keto diet and have an intense craving for pizza.
  • [42:26] - What specific foods do Carolyn avoid eating?
  • [44:51] - Carolyn shares the story of a recipe failure, revealing that not all of her recipes are successful.
  • [46:08] - We hear about Carolyn’s book tour and how she planned it. She also describes what surprised her on the tour, and why the Portland stop wasn’t ideal.
  • [49:08] - In a couple locations on the book tour, Carolyn was struck by how successful couples were when they changed their diet together.
  • [50:45] - Carolyn’s biggest tip for the holidays is to be prepared. Her second tip is to find recipes that recreate the dishes that you love.
  • [51:51] - Orion shares her story about last year’s Thanksgiving, which was just a couple of weeks before she and her husband got married.
  • [53:56] - What other holiday tips does Carolyn have?
  • [55:39] - What are Carolyn’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love what you do. 2. Keep the people who you love close. 3. Be the best that you can be.
  • [57:14] - Where can people find Carolyn?

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Oct 31, 2017

Kristen Ulmer is intimately familiar with fear. She was recognized as the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world for twelve years. Her book, The Art of Fear, radically challenges existing norms about what to do with fear and anxiety. If you want to conquer and overcome your fear, you’ve come to the right place!

Connect With Kristen:
Kristen Ulmer on Facebook
Kristen Ulmer on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [02:57] - Kristen starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and explaining how she became experienced with fear.
    [04:08] - We learn about the day that Kristen became famous.
  • [06:40] - Kristen discusses whether our relationship with fear can change as we get older, explaining that fear that we haven’t dealt with backs up as we age.
  • [11:03] - What is fear? How would Kristen describe fear?
  • [13:28] - Trying to deal with our emotions intellectually can create problems, Kristen explains, and offers another way of dealing with them.
  • [14:16] - Kristen talks about how she deals with fear of rejection. Orion then explains that fear of rejection is both a powerful motivator in her life and something that sometimes holds her back.
  • [17:15] - Kristen explains why “conquering” or “overcoming” fear is a bad strategy to employ, and what we should do with it instead.
  • [19:42] - You can get away with controlling your fear for about ten years before it starts to catch up with you, Kristen points out.
  • [22:02] - Orion talks about Kristen’s way of dealing with archetypes and discusses how this relates to the work that she does with her clients.
  • [24:12] - Kristen explains that there aren’t different types of fear, there’s only fear. Our minds, though, categorizes it as good or bad.
  • [28:09] - Owning fear and knowing that you’re never going to get rid of it is the first step in having a healthy relationship with fear, Kristen explains.
  • [30:48] - We deaden ourselves to not deal with our emotions (including fear), but we’re here to feel alive.
  • [33:27] - Orion is going to Israel next week. She explains how her experience of the expression of feelings in Israel relates to what Kristen has been saying.
  • [34:34] - Kristen talks about people who are overly emotional or whose fear seems irrational.
  • [39:27] - What Kristen has been saying resonates with something Orion learned at Oneness University: “let the tiger devour you.”
  • [43:48] - The way that you talk about fear is one of the most important shifts you can make in order to have a better relationship with it.
  • [45:50] - Kristen discusses how she came up with her methodology surrounding fear.
  • [48:28] - What make Kristen write her book The Art of Fear? She answers, then shares a couple of stories.
  • [52:19] - Orion and Kristen discuss the role of fear in going to India, with Orion sharing a story about an encounter with an elephant.
  • [55:13] - We hear about one of Orion’s clients, who was afraid to break up a toxic relationship.
  • [57:54] - If you want to get out of a toxic relationship and they’ve gotten in touch with their fear, what’s the next step?
  • [62:53] - Kristen emphasizes the importance of changing the language we use around fear.
  • [65:23] - What are Kristen’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Have a fear practice. 2. Become aware of your resistance to anything unpleasant. 3. Take your love and wrap it around fear.

Links and Resources:

Oct 24, 2017

Today's guest, Athena Rosette, discovered the powerful potential of having an alter ego when she switched identities with her best friend at summer camp. In the years since, she has delved into the topic by using her own alter ego for personal growth while also exploring the various roles that alter egos can play. Alter egos don’t just belong to the villains in superhero movies or comic books. In fact, each of us has an alter ego, although we might not think of it in those terms. I absolutely love the idea of an alter ego, so I can’t wait to share this episode with you!

The Mission Log:

  • [05:12] - Athena takes a moment to clarify what an alter ego is for listeners who may not be familiar with the term or may have other associations with the term.
  • [06:24] - We hear about Athena’s earliest experiences with alter egos, which she ties to her childhood in a Catholic home.
  • [08:57] - Athena discusses James Lawrence, an athlete who has done something incredible through the use of an alter ego. Orion then talks about some of her own experiences, both in Japan and India.
  • [12:19] - How did Athena develop her personas? She answers, then discusses the physiological changes that can occur after the psychological changes.
  • [17:28] - Alter egos can be a bridge to the next version of ourselves because they make a safe space for us to have trial and error, Athena explains.
  • [18:05] - What does Athena think about the idea that creating alter egos can create psychological side effects?
  • [19:22] - Athena has one alter ego (not multiple), who she doesn’t name. She talks about her alter ego goddess and her belief that we, as women, are all connected through the divine feminine.
  • [23:29] - Athena feels that there’s a natural integration happening between her and her goddess alter ego.
  • [25:01] - We move onto the role of alter egos in the bedroom, with Athena explaining that this is one of the biggest (and most fun) ways in which people use alter egos.
  • [28:02] - Orion talks about an earlier episode of Stellar Life featuring Jaiya, sharing a lesson about respect in the bedroom. Athena then agrees that it’s important to have boundaries in place before play starts.
  • [29:57] - What are the steps to begin embracing your own alter ego?
  • [32:53] - Orion points out that when you talk to people from BDSM and similar communities, you’ll find that many of the people involved are sweet, kind, successful, and happy to help and assist.
  • [34:08] - Athena shares a story and corresponding lesson for people who are expanding their identity through their sensuality.
  • [35:42] - Orion shifts the conversation into creating an alter ego as a form of healing, sharing some of her own experiences.
  • [39:35] - What are some cases in which Athena saw someone embracing an alter ego as a form of healing?
  • [42:16] - Athena talks about the difference between her and her alter ego, particularly before she started integrating the two.
  • [45:52] - We hear Athena’s advice for women who may have gained weight that they feel self-conscious about or are otherwise unhappy with their appearance.
  • [47:47] - Athena goes into more detail about what to do if you don’t know the answers to her questions immediately.
  • [49:08] - One of the things Orion does a lot with her clients is mirror work, she explains, discussing what this is and how she applies it.
  • [51:55] - Athena shares something that she’s learned through her health issues: the body is a teacher that we can learn from.
  • [55:42] - Orion offers a piece of advice to help with Athena’s condition involving stem cell injections.
  • [58:48] - What are Athena’s three top tips to living a stellar life?
    1. Meditate.
    2. Don’t worry so much about “getting it right.”
    3. Practice loving yourself and being thankful.
  • [60:18] - Athena lists some places you can find her.

Links and Resources:


Oct 17, 2017

Lazo Freeman is the #1 body transformation coach in the UK, with clients including other trainers, international stars, and the wealthy elite of London. He understands that transformation needs to come from a place of love and self-acceptance rather than shame or embarrassment, and emphasizes the connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Connect With Lazo:

Lazo Freeman on Facebook
Body Transformation Academy
Lazo Freeman on Instagram
@LazoFreeman on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [03:42] - Orion takes a moment to talk to Lazo briefly about her recent trip to India, where she explains that everything is heightened. She and Lazo then discuss and compare their experiences in India.
  • [08:09] - It’s hard to be born a girl in India because the question of the dowry, Orion points out.
  • [08:48] - Lazo explains a bit about who he is and what he does. He also talks about his transformation.
  • [12:25] - We hear about Lazo’s clients, who tend to be very wealthy.
    [14:34] - Orion steps in to celebrate Lazo’s story and his success. In response, Lazo goes into more depth about his early life and digs into the importance of family and love.
  • [19:32] - Like Lazo, Orion has Kurdish heritage, she explains.
  • [22:20] - Lazo talks about how he changed into becoming a super-fit bodybuilder. He also offers advice about booking a photoshoot for the future to help you visualize how you want to look.
  • [25:28] - We learn about a specific client of Lazo’s and the importance of answering specific questions for yourself.
  • [27:49] - Lazo’s one gem is getting out of your head and being in your body. Once you’ve practiced this, your body will give you important feedback, he explains.
  • [29:02] - Lazo talks about the learning difficulties he was diagnosed with as a teenager.
  • [31:30] - Has Lazo heard of the work of Louise Hay? Lazo answers, and takes some time to talk about his brother as well.
  • [34:08] - Orion shares her fitness journey with Lazo, sharing a surprising story about how easily she lost weight during her week and a half in India. Lazo then explains why this occurred for her.
  • [37:49] - How can you create this state of joy that leads to effortless weight loss during your everyday life despite needing to work and deal with everyday matters?
  • [40:33] - Lazo clarifies why throwing away your clothes can be helpful if you get stuck in your fitness or weight-loss journey.
  • [42:50] - Lazo offers advice involving deciding which specific facet of working out you should work on.
  • [45:52] - What is Lazo’s key to success? He answers that lots of people vastly underestimate how much joy your body and your life can give you.
  • [46:38] - We learn about how Lazo helps women fall in love with their bodies.
  • [50:46] - What are Lazo’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love is medicine, so rise in love. 2. Be honest with yourself. 3. Hang out with good people.
  • [51:34] - Lazo talks about where listeners can find him.

Links and Resources:


Oct 10, 2017

My guest today, Fred Gallo, is an expert in human psychology who has studied multiple therapy modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, NLP, TFD, and many more. He’s a world expert on a process called "tapping".  I saw firsthand how powerful this method is when it cured my husband’s phobias of heights and water.

Connect With Fred:
About Dr. Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Fred Gallo on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:50] - Fred talks about who he is and describes his background. He also introduces the concept of tapping.
  • [06:01] - We hear a specific example of how tapping helped one of Fred’s clients.
  • [09:13] - Was Fred surprised by how quickly and powerfully tapping worked for this client? He answers, then discusses another, even more powerful instance in which tapping helped the same client.
  • [12:58] - Fred had worked with this client for many months using different techniques before she achieved the breakthroughs that she achieved through tapping, he explains.
  • [14:57] - Orion points out that Fred started working with a relatively small issue with this client, which built the trust necessary to face the bigger, deeper issue.
  • [16:33] - We hear that Fred has helped Orion’s husband, Stephan, with two deep fears he held: heights and water. Fred goes into depth about how completely Stephan overcame these fears with the help of tapping.
  • [19:10] - Did Fred do another tapping treatment on Stephan before the next canoe ride, or were the effects from the previous session still effective?
  • [21:51] - What are Fred’s spiritual beliefs, and how are they involved in the ways he treats people? As he answers, he shares some incredible things that have happened throughout his life journey, including how he ended up treating Tony Robbins.
  • [27:17] - Fred explains why Tony Robbins thought that he was “the man” before they had met for the first time.
  • [29:03] - Does tapping work (and offer benefits) for everybody? It’s very effective for most people, Fred answers, but a few don’t like it.
  • [31:00] - Fred gives an example of a case in which tapping was a permanent cure for a young woman’s emotional trauma.
  • [38:25] - Orion points out that Fred’s tapping is unique because of his background in other therapies. Fred then explains that while people can do tapping on themselves to some extent, they likely won’t need to.
  • [41:29] - Does Fred feel that some people are attached to their memories and are afraid to let go, perhaps because they are attached to their victim mentality? In his answer, he digs into a case in which a man who was sabotaging his life didn’t believe that he would ever be happy.
  • [48:26] - Visualization isn’t necessary, Fred explains, but explains how it can be helpful. He also offers a strategy for getting around it for people who struggle with visualizing things.
  • [50:55] - Fred talks about his strategies for treating ADHD.
  • [54:45] - Where can people find Fred and learn more about what he does?

Links and Resources:

Oct 3, 2017

Today, I’m joined by a woman with whom I have many incredible life parallels, including our love for both travel and cleansing. Nykki Hardin is a wellness expert who formulated her own 21-day cleanse. She holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a term she’ll explain in our conversation today, and is incredibly passionate about helping people reach their peak potential in both mind and body. We talk today about how intimately the two are linked, and how it’s possible to begin healing and thriving.

Connect With Nykki:

Nykki Hardin
Nykki Hardin on Facebook
Nykki Hardin - Nykkis Cleanse on Yelp
@NykkiHardin on Twitter
NykkiHardin on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [04:31] - Nykki starts off by sharing a little bit about herself, including when she started studying nutrition and her experience with travel.
  • [07:40] - Orion explores some of the similarities between herself and Nykki, and reveals that she’s going to India in a few days.
  • [09:09] - Nykki has lived in Japan three times, she reveals, and explains how her first trip there changed her life. Orion then discovers another parallel in her and Nykki’s stories.
  • [12:53] - What is spiritual psychology?
  • [15:44] - Nykki digs into her perspective on food and how we use it to comfort (or punish) ourselves.
  • [17:28] - How can someone do a better job of showing up for himself or herself? Nykki answers in relation to food, cleansing, and letting go.
  • [20:27] - In response to a hypothetical example from Orion about someone depressed, overweight, and without a real desire to change, Nykki points out that you can’t work with someone who doesn’t have a desire to change. She then explores how she would help a client in a situation like this.
  • [24:51] - What are some of Nykki’s processes to help clients with positive self-talk or self-love?
  • [28:55] - Nykki’s trip to India was spawned by her deep depression, she reveals. She and Orion then talk about her choice of language in saying that someone is “carrying extra weight” instead of “being fat.”
  • [31:48] - The body has an inherent ability to heal and we just need to set it up for success, Nykki explains.
  • [34:27] - Nykki discusses GMOs, explaining what they are and passionately digging into why they’re a problem.
  • [39:02] - Nykki relates what she has been saying about GMOs to something she learned in high school science class about how only a small percentage of our genes determine what we look like.
  • [41:24] - Since so much food in America is genetically modified, what should we eat?
  • [43:28] - Orion shares a story about visiting the Dead Sea with a friend and meeting a man who lived off algae. Nykki then talks about the power of chlorella.
  • [46:42] - What’s wrong with coffee?
  • [49:10] - Nykki talks about why she is so passionate about cleansing, explaining that she did her first cleanse in India. She also discusses what the term “God” means to her in the process of sharing how cleansing became her passion.
  • [55:53] - We learn about Nykki’s 21-day cleanse program, which includes both her therapeutic-grade herbal formulas with a step-by-step food protocol.
  • [58:22] - Where can people find Nykki?
  • [59:12] - What are Nykki’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Cleanse regularly. 2. Meditate. 3. Love from the inside out.

Links and Resources:


Sep 26, 2017

Sanjay Sabnani is here today to explain the difference between “the listener” and what we identify as “the self.” Close your eyes and picture a woman you deeply care about. Maybe this is your best friend, sister, mother, or daughter. Now, imagine speaking to her the way you speak to yourself, criticizing her appearance and diminishing her worth. There’s no doubt that putting down others  feels wrong, so why do we do it to ourselves? Listen to the conversation to hear how  Sanjay has been inspired to break through and discover a deeper truth, and learn from his experiences.

Connect With Sanjay:

@crowdgather on Twitter
@crowdgather on Instagram
Sanjay Sabnani on LinkedIn
Sanjay Sabnani on Quora

The Mission Log:

  • [03:41] - Sanjay begins the conversation by telling us about himself, starting off by explaining his current career.
  • [05:07] - We hear about times when Sanjay wasn’t happy and some challenges he overcame. He explains that the last couple years are the first time that he really has been happy.
  • [07:07] - What was Sanjay’s marriage like, and why did it end? He answers, then talks about the moment when he realized that he wanted to exit his marriage.
  • [10:23] - Sanjay walks us through a revelation he experienced about the identity of the self.
  • [12:16] - In 2012, Sanjay was in crisis, he explains. He discusses his health problems and sleep issues, then how he got started using medical marijuana. He then draws the connection between his positive experiences with cannabis to his current work in the industry.
  • [17:41] - In response to Orion’s discussion of cannabis in her home country of Israel, Sanjay explains that Israel is #1 in medical cannabis research.
  • [18:22] - Sanjay talks about why cannabis can have a positive effect on people in crisis.
  • [22:24] - Sanjay discusses the stigma versus reality of marijuana, explaining that he’s not sure about smoking it.
  • [25:00] - Orion brings up the topic of meditation in regards to a recent client of hers. Sanjay talks about his own experiences with meditation and offers his insight.
  • [28:27] - Sanjay uses chanting as a mechanism for people whose minds are running.
  • [30:50] - Orion discusses her experiences with driving and her stress about it. Sanjay then asks her a question: when you’re talking to yourself, who is talking to whom? He then goes into depth about the idea of separating your identity from who you really are.
  • [36:41] - We hear about a video Orion watched about two best friends saying negative things about each other’s bodies to illustrate how unfair and unkind we are to ourselves.
  • [38:55] - Sanjay describes his inner dialogue as a child, when it’s easier to hear what he calls “the listener.” He then memorably says that “you’re here to let the universe dance through you.”
  • [40:35] - What is Sanjay’s favorite mantra? He offers the one he uses most, then Orion shares her favorite as well.
  • [42:24] - All of our problems come from words, Sanjay explains. He and Orion explore this concept in depth, examining how it impacts childhood and society.
  • [46:39] - Sanjay defines the words “nirvana” and “moksha” for listeners who may not be familiar with the concepts.
  • [49:09] - Orion talks about her experiences at Oneness University in India.
  • [53:25] - What is Sanjay’s mission for other people? He explains that what appeals to him now isn’t making money, but rather helping people.
  • [55:51] - Sanjay talks about his morning ritual and explains why being in the tub is incredibly effective for him.
  • [60:19] - What are Sanjay’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Realize you’re not who you think you are. 2. Surrendering and non-attachment. 3. Looking beyond the words.
  • [61:30] - Sanjay suggests people find him on Quora to learn more about him or ask him questions. He’s also on Instagram.

Links and Resources:

@crowdgather on Twitter
@crowdgather on Instagram
Sanjay Sabnani on LinkedIn
Sanjay Sabnani on Quora
Wilbur Labs
Gateway Incubator
Video of best friends criticizing each others’ bodies
Oneness University


Sep 19, 2017

Dame DC Cordova joins me today to discuss the struggles and triumphs of women in business. Money can be a complicated, tangled subject for anyone. We wrap up so much of our self-image and sense of worth into our financial situation. As a woman, though, there are even more layers to deal with when it comes to money. You have to navigate a balance between your giving feminine side and your businesslike masculine side in the world of entrepreneurship. Please listen and take what you hear today to heart because it can truly change your life.

Connect With DC:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter
Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

The Mission Log:

  • [03:16] - DC starts things off by talking about herself, explaining what she does and discussing her background. She touches on some of the losses in her life and shares how this led to her enlightenment experience.
  • [06:53] - We hear in more depth about DC’s moment of enlightenment, which came when she was 26 years old.
  • [10:21] - DC talks about the programs that she runs, and explains that her younger self wouldn’t have been able to imagine creating so many social entrepreneurs. She then reveals that it wasn’t until she reached her 50s that she felt she had really found herself and her path.
  • [13:01] - What did it take for DC to see the opportunity and follow the clues to find her path? One of the aspects she discusses in her answer is that after a major disaster or war, there’s tremendous prosperity from the rebuilding process.
  • [16:54] - Money is a tool of exchange, DC explains, and discusses why it was created. She then talks about cryptocurrencies and the different responses of various countries.
  • [19:54] - DC talks about Buckminster Fuller’s futuristic views, and how they relate to generating tremendous wealth. She then differentiates between wealth and money.
  • [21:42] - Orion talks about her own relationship with money. She talks about how she used to put people on a pedestal if they had money.
  • [22:50] - What can DC say to someone who feels this way about putting rich people on pedestals? In response, she offers listeners a gift, which you can find at this link.
  • [25:14] - DC talks about an exercise that an early mentor of hers took her through to explore her parents’ relationship with money.
  • [30:01] - Orion brings up the topic of money and women. She and DC then go over beliefs that can block women from achieving wealth.
  • [33:49] - How do you integrate femininity into a business deal? As she answers, DC talks about growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and how she used people’s negative assumptions about her intelligence to her benefit.
  • [38:31] - DC talks about why education is so important, specifically entrepreneurial education.
  • [40:44] - Sometimes DC offers programs just for women, she explains.
  • [41:25] - Orion explains that she loves coaching and talks about what she does for women. She and DC then talks about the relationship and similarities between love and money.
  • [44:30] - Whenever you feel trapped, remember that you need to give yourself at least five choices for getting out of that situation. As soon as you do that, the pressure disappears and you can think straight.
  • [46:39] - DC shares the strategy she uses when her ego takes over and gives into the addiction for suffering.
  • [48:13] - Orion chimes in to talk about affirmations, and brings up Huang Ming. DC then talks about what he does with his money. She then offers a simple formula for becoming a millionaire: create a product that a million people will buy for $1.
  • [52:06] - You would never realize from meeting him that Huang Ming is a billionaire, Orion says. DC then talks about a “millionaire next door” who she knows.
  • [53:37] - What are DC’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Clear your consciousness and have emotional mastery. 2. Create a business that will leave a legacy and is systematized. 3. Maintain mental, physical, and emotional health.

Links and Resources:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter
Excellerated Business Schools
Money & You
Heart of All Women
Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs
Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Buckminster Fuller
Free gift: Access to Cash
Tony Robbins
Jack Canfield
The 10 Money Fears that Block Women From Wealth
Women, Cash and Divine Matters
Huang Ming
Solar Valley China


Sep 12, 2017

Today’s guest, Lisa Marie Pepe, knows all about the importance of confidence, bravery, and overcoming your fears to create a better life. Lisa is the confidence coach and online visibility expert for heart-centered women entrepreneurs. She has personal experience with overcoming difficulties and letting them blossom into confidence, self-worth, and success. She’s here today to encourage you, offer strategies for developing more confidence, and tell you that you deserve to be seen and to follow your dreams.

Connect With Lisa:
Lisa Marie Pepe on Facebook
Lisa Marie Pepe on LinkedIn
@PTPWC on Twitter
Lisa Marie Pepe on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [05:42] - Lisa starts off by talking about who she is, what she does, and what her passion is.
  • [07:25] - Has Lisa always been confident (leading her to naturally want to share this confidence with others), or did she have to go through confidence struggles of her own before reaching this point?
  • [09:59] - Lisa talks about her healing journey and how she regained her confidence after a life-changing car accident. She then shares a story about the moment that her life changed for the better.
  • [13:54] - Is the woman who prompted this change in Lisa’s life still in contact with her?
  • [15:15] - We hear what Lisa did after this life-changing moment. She explains that she realized that she needed to get her life together and start working toward her purpose.
  • [17:33] - Orion draws out what Lisa has said about prayer, explaining how this can help people who haven’t had something happen to change their lives.
  • [18:48] - Lisa discusses how she worked on her internal self, which started with daily meditation and journaling. She also dove into self-help books.
  • [22:28] - It’s vital to reprogram your internal dialogue, Lisa explains. Orion then discusses the right (and wrong) times to say affirmations, and Lisa offers a suggestion for affirmations for listeners who haven’t yet achieved their success.
  • [26:08] - Orion discusses surrendering from a position of faith, not a position of weakness.
  • [27:44] - Why, in Lisa’s opinion, do women struggle with confidence?
  • [29:53] - Everything surrounding us (in media and social media alike) is so filtered and perfect that it makes it hard for women to be confident.
  • [33:09] - Orion and Lisa discuss drag queens (including a very young one, Lactatia), the issues with reality TV, and the issue with children being put on diets.
  • [37:50] - What can someone do to improve his or her confidence? Lisa suggests that you stop comparing yourself to anyone else.
  • [40:32] - Lisa offers advice on what someone should do if they have problems with tuning in or trusting. She also explains why just wishing isn’t enough, and recommends taking what she calls “inspired action.”
  • [43:43] - Orion describes an exercise that she recently walked a client through involving journaling all the times she overcame adversity. She also discusses the possibility of being addicted to pain and victimhood.
  • [46:01] - There is such a thing as being addicted to chaos, Lisa explains, offering an example from her past to illustrate what she means.
  • [50:25] - Orion discusses the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone and the illusion of safety in your job.
  • [51:20] - How does Lisa explain the fact that two people can grow up in the same household and one can turn out to be self-destructive while the other grows up to be successful?
  • [54:22] - Lisa talks about the connection between confidence and visibility in business.
  • [57:53] - What are Lisa’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Express gratitude every single day, for everything from waking up in the morning to having running water. 2. Live life with integrity. To Lisa, this means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. 3. Continuously push yourself to learn new things and to try new things without fear of failure (or, if you have fear, do it anyway).
  • [66:45] - Lisa offers listeners a gift: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Thriving in Life and Business.

Links and Resources:
Lisa Marie Pepe on Facebook
Lisa Marie Pepe on LinkedIn
@PTPWC on Twitter
Lisa Marie Pepe on Instagram
Gal Gadot
Louise Hay
Kylie Jenner
Dance Moms


Sep 5, 2017

Do you want to be healthy, happy and optimize your health? Most people do, but we all have to watch out for stress. Stress hurts every aspect of our lives, especially our health. I know that staying calm and relaxed helps me have a fun and enjoyable life. That is why I have Dr. Craig Koniver on today’s podcast. Dr. Koniver is an expert in natural and organic medicine, and he shares how to de-stress, beat adrenal fatigue, and optimize your life for total well-being.

Connect With Dr. Koniver:

Craig Koniver on Instagram
@Fastvitaminiv on Facebook
@FastVitaminIV on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [04:24] - Dr. Koniver starts off by sharing some information about himself, what he does, and what his goals with patients are.
  • [05:15] - What made Dr. Koniver decide to take the holistic approach that he uses in his practice?
  • [07:12] - We hear how Dr. Koniver thinks his patients would describe him. He then talks about the tools that he uses to help patients optimize their health.
  • [09:24] - Dr. Koniver explains some of the conditions that people come to see him for. He sees a lot of busy moms, elite athletes, and people with complicated medical problems who need help navigating their health.
  • [11:59] - What’s the first thing that Dr. Koniver would do for a busy mom who’s overwhelmed with life and expectations (from herself and others)?
  • [13:46] - Orion relates Dr. Koniver’s previous answer to a recent blog post that she wrote about self love. Dr. Koniver then expands on Orion’s point about metaphorically needing to put your own mask on first.
  • [16:15] - How do you test for adrenal fatigue? Dr. Koniver answers, then explains in more detail what the adrenals do and how that’s related to stress. He also discusses food, and the importance of having positive feelings around it.
  • [19:53] - Orion brings up Esther and Abraham Hicks in relation to what Dr. Koniver has been saying about food.
  • [21:35] - There’s at least one study that shows that when people felt comfortable and positive about the food they were eating, it had a higher nutritional value than when they felt negatively about it.
  • [22:09] - Dr. Koniver offers his advice on how to deal with adrenal fatigue.
  • [24:24] - Orion talks about a previous Stellar Life episode with Dr. Michael Breus, who talked about how different people function better at different times of the day.
  • [26:18] - What other tools can Dr. Koniver give us to deal with adrenal fatigue? In his answer, Dr. Koniver explains why eating liver is good for you even though the liver is responsible for detoxification.
  • [30:38] - Dr. Koniver discusses his use of checking for mold or heavy metal exposure in his patients.
  • [32:44] - We learn why chelation can feel horrible for many people, and why it’s important to supplement during the process.
  • [33:27] - What supplements does Dr. Koniver generally recommend? People are commonly deficient in B vitamins, he answers.
  • [37:04] - Dr. Koniver recommends drinking mineral water, specifically Gerolsteiner water, to restock your body’s minerals.
  • [37:55] - Orion talks about a previous Stellar Life episode with Dr. Matea Polisoto.
  • [39:08] - With supplements and vitamin IVs, there are good brands and some brands that should never be taken. Dr. Koniver has created his own brand of vitamin IV, called FastVitaminIV, which takes only a few minutes.
  • [40:48] - Dr. Koniver talks more about vitamin IVs and how often you should take them.
  • [42:30] - Some of Dr. Koniver’s top keys to optimizing your health and wellbeing are mindset, deliberately doing something contemplative in your life, and doing specialty lab testing to figure out what you need.
  • [45:25] - What would be Dr. Koniver’s advice for how someone should assess or react to their doctor?
  • [47:30] - If Dr. Koniver had to pick one blanket statement for how to eat, it would be to reduce or eliminate all carbohydrates.
  • [49:33] - Orion talks about the diet she grew up with in Israel. She then asks Dr. Koniver why people should cut out fruits.
  • [52:30] - What are Dr. Koniver’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love yourself and take care of yourself. 2. Have a contemplative part of life where you slow down. 3. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • [54:37] - Where can people find Dr. Koniver?

Links and Resources:

Craig Koniver on Instagram
@Fastvitaminiv on Facebook
@FastVitaminIV on Twitter
MUSE meditation device
The Definition of Self Love: 7 Ways You Can Treat Yourself Better by Orion Talmay
Adrenal fatigue
Esther and Abraham Hicks
Dr. Michael Breus on Stellar Life
B vitamins
Gerolsteiner water
Dr. Matea Polisoto on Stellar Life


Aug 29, 2017

The brilliant Dr. Shari Caplan joins me today to talk about  hormone imbalances and much, much more. She’ll go into depth about different hormones, various conditions related to them, and what sorts of treatment options are available. Believe it or not, a simple hormone imbalance may be causing you to burn 300 fewer calories a day, leading to weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. She has dedicated much of her career to studying hormonal issues, and she’s here to share her wisdom with you!

Connect With Dr. Caplan:
Dr. Shari Caplan on Facebook
Dr. Shari Caplan on LinkedIn
@vitalitymdtor on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:44] - Dr. Caplan starts off by sharing a little about herself. She walks us through her career, from her conventional training in medicine to how she decided to shift into dealing with hormonal issues.
  • [06:03] - What is the biggest issue that Dr. Caplan tends to see with women and hormones? She most often sees perimenopausal women, she answers.
  • [09:12] - Dr. Caplan discusses whether perimenopause can start as early as a woman’s 20s. She also explains that menopause is a retroactive diagnosis.
  • [13:15] - We learn about the main hormones and the powerful effects that they can have on us, especially when their levels are off.
  • [17:16] - How fast can Dr. Caplan diagnose a patient and be able to treat them with the correct hormones?
  • [19:02] - Orion points out that Dr. Caplan is nonjudgmental and works with her clients where they are, instead of trying to make them do more than they’re ready for.
  • [19:47] - What is the difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones?
  • [22:26] - Dr. Caplan talks about how she figures out exactly what to give each of her patients. It’s complicated, she explains, because it’s a moving target.
  • [26:00] - Dr. Caplan discusses the role of detoxification pathways in what she does.
  • [27:11] - Does Dr. Caplan think that hormonal imbalance affects the same percentages of men and women? As she answers, Dr. Caplan discusses some of the differences between men and women in this regard.
  • [29:22] - We learn more about what Dr. Caplan meant about women coming to her with different kinds of stories.
  • [30:25] - Can you restore your hormonal balance, or do you need to take supplements for the rest of your life?
  • [31:12] - Dr. Caplan talks about some of the supplements and herbs she recommends for certain patients.
  • [34:35] - We hear about thyroid issues, with Dr. Caplan explaining some of the symptoms of having low thyroid. She then explains how doctors check for this, and why the standard blood test may not give you the full picture.
  • [37:50] - Dr. Caplan offers a visual metaphor to explain why you can have low thyroid function even if you have normal test results.
  • [39:13] - Orion talks about her mom’s thyroid condition, then Dr. Caplan explains why one might have symptoms despite being treated.
  • [41:01] - Is it possible to cure your thyroid naturally?
  • [42:22] - Dr. Caplan talks about what adrenal fatigue is, and how you can combat it.
  • [46:09] - Orion takes a moment to rave about the breadth of services available at Dr. Caplan’s clinic. Dr. Caplan then talks about her vision for the future of her clinics.
  • [47:13] - What types of IVs does Dr. Caplan use at her clinic?
  • [48:21] - You have to pick and choose your supplements, Dr. Caplan explains, and it can be a rotating system.
  • [49:19] -  What are Dr. Caplan’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Follow your dreams. 2. Do something you’re passionate about. 3. Optimize your health through diet, nutrition,and stress management.
  • [49:38] - If people want to learn more about Dr. Caplan or her clinic, where can they go?

Links and Resources:
Dr. Shari Caplan on Facebook
Dr. Shari Caplan on LinkedIn
The Women’s Health Initiative Estrogen-Alone Study
The Women’s Health Initiative Estrogen-Plus-Progestin Study
Marketing Speak
The Optimized Geek
Polycystic ovaries
Thyroid hormones
Insulin resistance
Bioidentical hormones
Synthetic hormones
Vitex (Chasteberry)
NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
T3 and T4
Thyroid antibodies
Reverse T3
Desiccated thyroid
Adrenal fatigue


Aug 22, 2017

Today's guest is Kathryn Ford, the CEO of Excellence Institute and an award-winning life coach, brilliant consultant, international speaker, and an Amazon #1 best-selling author. When faced with a challenging health diagnosis, Kathryn declared that she would be a medical miracle, thus laying the roots for what would eventually become her successful system. Listen to learn more about her simple and straightforward prescription to a radiant, abundant life.

Connect With Kathryn:

Kathryn Ford
Kathryn Ford on Facebook
Kathryn Ford on LinkedIn
@ExcellenceInst on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:22] - Orion and Kathryn start things off by discussing when they originally met, and how their friendship developed.
  • [02:58] - Kathryn explains a bit of who she is and what she does in the world. She discusses how a health crisis of her own inspired her to become who she is today.
  • [06:37] - We all have an inner pharmacy, Kathryn explains. She relates this to the before/after pictures we see of every president at the end of each presidential terms.
  • [09:42] - Kathryn shares how the power of her mind helped her to maintain health despite taking injections that turned out to be harmful for over 16 years.
  • [10:22] - Orion recommends The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, and discusses how it has impacted her life.
  • [11:41] - What did Kathryn do the very first day she received her painful news?
  • [13:29] - Kathryn points out that awareness is key, then describes how self-care can change your relationship with abundance.
  • [15:52] - What did Kathryn do to support her new belief system? One of her major breakthroughs, she explains, was realizing that she needed to release her addiction to struggle.
  • [18:06] - Orion shares a story of an event she attended recently, and how she encountered this addiction to struggle in a young girl there.
  • [20:48] - Kathryn offers advice on how to break through your own limiting beliefs. She shares how important perspective is in creating abundance in your life.
  • [23:49] - We learn about how Kathryn practices gratitude daily. She discusses the importance of automatically going into gratitude when something hard or hurtful occurs.
  • [25:25] - Kathryn discusses the seven steps she has just mentioned, pointing out that each one is a form of self-care.
  • [26:12] - The first of the seven steps, or “waves,” is setting up your personal passion prescription.
  • [27:45] - The second wave is getting clear on what self-care means and how to practice it.
  • [29:47] - How do you distinguish between what other people are thinking or feeling, and what is your own personal intuition?
  • [31:56] - Wave number three is gratitude, Kathryn explains. Orion then expands on how this can transform your life.
  • [33:37] - Kathryn points out that practicing gratitude reminds us that we’re connected to source (or spirit).
  • [34:11] - The fourth wave is peace and joy. Kathryn teaches her clients to find peace and calm no matter what storm is going on around them.
  • [35:36] - Orion explains that stress is responsible for 80-85% of all human illnesses.
  • [36:16] - The fifth wave revolves around self-worth (which, Kathryn points out, is not the same as net worth). Kathryn then explains how to reach this state of self-worth by uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs.
  • [39:23] - Orion describes an exercise that she does with her clients to help them get over their negative or limiting beliefs.
  • [40:25] - Grace, or forgiveness, is the sixth of the seven waves in Kathryn’s system.
  • [41:44] - The powerful seventh wave is joy.
  • [42:20] - Orion recaps the seven steps that Kathryn has described for us.
  • [42:46] - Kathryn offers listeners a beautiful gift: The Five Keys to Discovering Your Personal Expression of Self-Love. You can find that at this link!

Links and Resources:

Kathryn Ford
Kathryn Ford on Facebook
Kathryn Ford on LinkedIn
@ExcellenceInst on Twitter
Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Be Well: A 7-Step System for Radical Healing by Kathryn Ford
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
Louise Hay
Tony Robbins
Dr. Demartini on Stellar Life
The Secret
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
Sanctuary Resort on Camelback Mountain
Abraham Hicks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Maxwell Maltz
The Magic Power of Self-image Psychology
The Five Keys to Discovering Your Personal Expression of Self-Love (Kathryn’s gift to listeners)

Aug 15, 2017

Today's guest is Liana Chaouli, who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Liana has spent two decades developing image therapy, a practice now taught worldwide, but she has been a stylist her whole life (as she’ll explain in this conversation). As Liana talks about style, she goes much deeper than simple clothing choices, emphasizing the importance of accepting your inner beauty, finding empowerment and confidence, and seeing yourself as the beautiful miracle you are.

Connect With Liana:

Image Therapy
About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:33] - Liana starts off by telling us a bit about who she is and what she does. We learn that she’s an image therapist from the inside out.
  • [06:52] - We hear a bit about the amazing adventure that is Liana’s life. She also points out that in the moment, we tend not to realize how precious each moment is.
  • [09:12] - What triggered Liana’s passion for wanting to help people look better and feel better? She talks us through her early life, and shares the story of a client to illustrate how easy it is to crush self-esteem.
  • [14:14] - Liana explains why she thinks it’s so difficult for women (in particular) to see themselves as masterpieces.
  • [16:59] - What can listeners do to see themselves in a more empowered way, or to see themselves in the image of God?
  • [20:00] - Liana has ten different business cards, each with a different saying. One of these says “Be proud of your assets, not ashamed of your flaws.”
  • [22:00] - People think that they’re always at the behest of what’s going on in the world, Liana points out.
  • [23:39] - Orion talks about a previous Stellar Life episode with Sally Anderson.
  • [26:24] - Liana shares an extraordinary success story, and spends some time talking about her parents.
  • [33:17] - Noticing is a huge part of becoming aware and mindful, Liana points out.
  • [34:42] - How do you find your style, and how do you boldly go for it regardless of what other people think?
  • [38:25] - Liana offers listeners a gift, which you can get by going to!
  • [40:40] - If Orion tries on a piece of clothing and it makes her dance, she’ll buy it. That’s because her intuition is speaking to her, Liana explains.
  • [42:17] - Orion brings up the fact that cleansing your closet and getting rid of clothes can be a painful experience.
  • [44:10] - Do people do something ceremonial to say goodbye to meaningful clothing pieces during her closet cleanses?
  • [46:27] - We hear about how much Orion loves various colors, and her relationship with the color red.
  • [47:49] - Liana invites Orion (and any listeners who are interested) to her group You Are a Masterpiece on Facebook. She also offers listeners an exercise: don’t wear black for a month.
  • [50:20] - Liana puts Orion, who has been objecting to the idea of not wearing any of her black clothing, in the hot seat (or the throne, as she calls it).
  • [53:20] - The starting point of transformation with Liana is trust, she explains.
  • [56:40] - What are Liana’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Always know that you’re a masterpiece. 2. Take Liana up on her suggestion not to wear black for a month. 3. Every day, acknowledge someone else for the amazing person that they are.
  • [59:54] - Liana shares a story of an encounter with two homeless musicians.

Links and Resources:

Image Therapy
About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook
Krav Maga
Viktor Frankl
Azim Khamisa
Sally Anderson on Stellar Life
Diana Ross
Rosemary Clooney
You Are a Masterpiece

Aug 8, 2017

Do you own your gifts and the areas of your life where you are a realized master? If you are not sure, today’s episode of Stellar Life is for you. This is a show I really enjoyed making as I talked with Kris Dillard about realizing where we are masters, owning our gifts, and quieting the mind.

Connect With Kris:

The Mission Log:

  • [03:51] - Kris starts things off by telling us a bit about himself, how he grew up, and how he transitioned from his work as a software developer into a life full of self-discovery.
  • [05:25] - What is the method Kris uses and promotes, and why does he find it so powerful?
  • [09:05] - What you’ll see when you use this method, Kris explains, is that the amazing version of yourself that you’ll discover during the process has always been there.
  • [10:14] - The number-one reason many people sleepwalk through life is desire, Kris points out, and links this to both Buddhism and Christianity. Orion disagrees, so Kris explains what he means in more depth.
  • [11:58] - Orion steps in to reveal that she thinks that desire is the most important thing a person can have, and offers examples. Kris then expands on what Orion has been saying and discusses the fact that the mind functions in pictures, not words.
  • [14:40] - Kris explains that, keeping in mind that the mind uses pictures, if you want something, your mind pictures a lack of having the thing it wants.
  • [15:21] - How can you attain something if you don’t want it?
  • [17:16] - Kris offers several amazing stories to illustrate how this method has worked from him.
  • [20:02] - We learn more about how to use the method that Kris has been describing. He offers an exercise for listeners to explore his technique.
  • [24:20] - When Orion observes this process, she would expect some people who go through it to get stuck in the negativity for a long time. She and Kris then discuss how to handle this.
  • [27:10] - How does judgment fit into Kris’ world? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • [29:55] - We hear more about what people experience during Kris’ course. He points out that most people come because they’re facing specific pain points or challenges.
  • [31:25] - Sensation is never explainable, Orion points out, and shares her experience at Oneness University in India.
  • [32:25] - How do past lives and reincarnation fit into the method?
  • [34:06] - Kris believes that life is really about freedom, and that we’re on this planet to discover who we are. He then talks about how to know when a master is realized. He and Orion then talk about how charging money for something relates to a master being all-giving.
  • [37:52] - We hear about Kris’ thoughts on meditation, which he describes as being passive. He then offers an active technique.
  • [41:42] - Orion returns to something Kris said about negative emotions. She shares her own thoughts on emotions.
  • [43:34] - Kris expands on his own thoughts about emotions in response to what Orion has been saying.
  • [45:30] - What do you do in the moment if someone provokes a negative feeling in you (for example, with road rage or aggressive driving)?
  • [49:17] - Kris offers his definition of happiness. Orion then shares hers in response.
  • [50:42] - What are Kris’ three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Let go of disapproving of yourself. 2. Give yourself love and approval. 3. Let go of wanting so that you can have.
  • [51:57] - Where can people learn more about Kris and his method?

Links and Resources:
Eckhart Tolle
Oneness University
The Alpha Female Podcast


Aug 1, 2017

My sales and business coach, Jennifer Diepstraten, is one of my favorite teachers and coaches. You may know that I go to several conferences and seminars a month, and of all the amazing people I’ve met there, Jennifer continues to amaze. She guides other teachers and coaches in how to get paid top dollar for services and close big sales with ease. If you’ve ever struggled with sales, felt awkward during the process, or just want to take your selling to the next level, be sure to tune into this episode!

Connect With Jennifer:

Jennifer Diepstraten on Facebook
Jennifer Diepstraten on LinkedIn
Jennifer Diepstraten on Twitter
Jennifer Diepstraten on FamilyCo
High Ticket Sales Success

The Mission Log:

  • [05:24] - Jennifer introduces herself and talks a bit about who she is and what she does. She also shares a story about what her husband said to her on their second date.
  • [07:06] - Orion takes a moment to talk about the fact that some men know very quickly when they find the right women. Jennifer then elaborates on this in her situation.
  • [08:11] - What is Jennifer’s mission, and what is her passion?
  • [10:48] - In Orion’s experience, it hurts inside and she feels unfulfilled when she doesn’t share her gift with people.
  • [13:12] - What are some of the common struggles that Jennifer sees in her clients when they first come to work with her?
  • [15:17] - Jennifer offers advice on how to figure out what makes you unique, and how to communicate that better. In the process, she shares part of her own story.
  • [18:27] - Jennifer’s suggestion for her clients is to start at a high price point, she explains.
  • [20:29] - In the past, Orion used to sell her mentors more than she sold herself. She then shares insight into how she starts off conversations with her clients, and why she spends time discussing their breakthroughs.
  • [23:53] - Similarly, Jennifer usually starts conversations by asking “what are your wins?” or “what are your accomplishments?” Orion then points out that we listen better when we’re listening to teach, rather than listening just for ourselves.
  • [25:49] - Jennifer is an auditory learner, she reveals, and talks briefly about the way that she learns best.
  • [26:53] - When it comes to topics like relationships and spirituality, how does Jennifer quantify what she’s offering in the sales process?
  • [29:35] - Jennifer addresses the question of how to raise your fees without giving more stuff away. In doing so, she uses a metaphor about selling kids’ toys at a garage sale.
  • [34:52] - Orion relates her experiences with doing Jennifer’s exercise.
  • [36:10] - We hear more about how to apply this to selling services that don’t have a monetary ROI.
  • [37:49] - Jennifer provides a specific and detailed example about a client of hers to illustrate what she has been saying.
  • [43:34] - Knowing what your quantum benefits are helps you figure out exactly what it is that you help people with, Jennifer points out.
  • [45:31] - What is the conversation like when Jennifer has just met someone at a conference or a seminar and is trying to attract them to her offer?
  • [47:32] - Orion starts a roleplay session with Jennifer to demonstrate how the process works.
  • [49:27] - One of the things that Jennifer teaches is to know who is in the room, and to use that information to make the decision about what to lead with.
  • [51:33] - Orion focuses on the topic of intention, asking Jennifer what someone can do to purify their intention.
  • [54:19] - What are Jennifer’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1: Be crystal clear about what it is that you want. 2: Allow yourself to have it. 3: Pay attention to what you’re grateful for.
  • [56:20] - Jennifer generously offers a gift to Stellar Life listeners: her book 9 Secrets to Increase Your Fees and Magnetically Attract Top-Dollar Clients. To get it, go to

Links and Resources:

Jennifer Diepstraten on Facebook
Jennifer Diepstraten on LinkedIn
Jennifer Diepstraten on Twitter
Jennifer Diepstraten on FamilyCo
High Ticket Sales Success
World Domination Summit
The Big Table

Jul 25, 2017

Today’s episode is twice as special as usual, because I have twice as many guests! Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle are here to talk about breathwork, self-expression, food, spirituality, and reclaiming your wild woman. They’re so devoted to that last point that they came together to found Wild Woman, an immersive women’s workshop that I recently attended and found incredibly moving and inspirational. Listen in as they offer insight into how to discover body love and ways to connect to your true essence.

Connect With Moun and Rachel:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman

The Mission Log:

  • [03:12] - Rachel starts things off by talking about how she and Moun met and decided to create Wild Woman. Moun then expands on what Rachel has been saying.
  • [05:38] - Orion shares her personal experiences in Moun and Rachel’s workshop recently.
  • [06:57] - Rachel and Moun talk about how working in partnership instead of individually has been for them. Orion then chimes in to talk about how powerful women can be, and the pressure to fit inside a box.
  • [10:55] - How do Moun and Rachel deal with criticism and rejection when they’re showing their true colors in the world?
  • [13:39] - Rachel points out how lucky she and Moun are to be surrounded by a high-vibrational community of people willing to see their own issues.
  • [15:46] - We hear more about the bridge that Rachel and Moun have built between modeling and spirituality.
  • [16:49] - As two models with perfect bodies, did Rachel and Moun have body image issues? Surprisingly, they both did, and they explain in some detail.
  • [20:40] - Rachel talks about what having had a bad relationship with food looked like in her past, and talks us through what she has discovered about her diet.
  • [22:40] - Moun takes a turn talking about her previous unhealthy relationship with food.
  • [25:33] - What are some of the tools that helped Moun transition into her current, much healthier relationship with eating?
  • [26:42] - Orion explains the power of breathwork, and then we hear more about it from our guests.
  • [29:48] - One of the things that Orion particularly liked about the Wild Woman workshop she attended is the physical connection she experienced there.
  • [31:01] - What advice would Moun and Rachel offer someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship with food?
  • [33:45] - Rachel and Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, specifically in relation to food and the importance of your state of mind.
  • [37:23] - Moun discusses the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and its powerful impact on her.
  • [38:49] - What is a wild woman?
  • [42:04] - Rachel and Moun offer advice for going from being a woman who is addicted to the idea of glamour and restricted by the opinions of those around her to blooming into a wild flower.
  • [46:01] - Orion talks about her Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge, sharing the story of one inspirational participant.
  • [48:01] - Rachel expands on what Orion has been saying, talking about her previous perspective of her sexual and sensual side as being “bad.”
  • [49:44] - Moun shares her perspective on expressing her sexuality, which was a part of her that was repressed for a long time.
  • [51:34] - Sexual expression is an empowering thing, Orion explains, talking about her conversation with Jaiya.
  • [54:04] - Rachel is currently writing an article about the topics that Orion has been discussing.
  • [55:17] - We hear a story about the impact of Rachel and Moun’s program. Moun then offers a piece of advice that has been successful for their clients.
  • [58:04] - The recurring thing that comes up in their workshops is that women feel connected to themselves, Rachel explains.
  • [61:18] - How did Rachel and Moun build their community?
  • [63:38] - Rachel offers her three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Community: have like-minded people who support you around you all the time. 2. Self-love. 3. Take joy in every single moment. Moun then responds, elaborating on what Rachel has said.

Links and Resources:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman
Ask and It Is Given
Esther Hicks
Women Who Run With the Wolves
Deena Levy
Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge
Jaiya on Stellar Life
Think and Grow Rich

Jul 18, 2017

Sheila Kelley is the founder of a movement called S Factor which is a sensual movement practice that unleashes the feminine mind, body, heart, and soul. Many women today are locked into their masculine energy in ways that show up in their physical movements, even if their other mannerisms and characteristics are strikingly feminine. This is especially visible in the hips and shoulders, which are rigidly locked in many women instead of being loose, flowing, and feminine. Today, we talk about unleashing the feminine body through movement, pole dancing, and more.

Connect With Sheila:

Sheila Kelley
S Factor
@thesheilakelley on Twitter
Sheila Kelley on Facebook
Sheila Kelley on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [02:53] - Sheila gives a brief introduction for listeners who may not yet be familiar with who she is and what she does. She then explains how she got into the kind of movement she now teaches others in S Factor.
  • [05:01] - What happens when a woman connects with her body?
  • [06:05] - Sheila talks about some transformations that she has seen in her students.
  • [07:35] - We hear how Sheila gets her ideas or -- as she puts it -- listens to what the body has to say to her.
  • [10:36] - Orion takes a moment to share her own experiences with Sheila’s work. Shelia then talks about the difference between who she was at the beginning of this journey and who she is today.
  • [13:52] - Sheila discusses her ways of infusing love and a sense of sisterhood into her S Factor community.
  • [16:41] - There is nowhere on the planet for a woman to safely and fully embrace who she is, Sheila points out, which is what S Factor aims to provide.
  • [17:43] - How can Sheila help a listener who has body shame? In her answer, she shares a story about her three-year-old daughter.
  • [19:25] - Sheila offers more advice for someone who isn’t feeling great about their body, and she and Orion discuss the importance of movement as an aspect of femininity.
  • [22:36] - Sheila talks about how to transition from the energy of unguarded (and vulnerable) femininity present in her retreats back into everyday life.
  • [25:53] - One of the things that Orion loves about Sheila’s method is that women learn it for themselves rather than for other people.
  • [28:20] - Orion shares a story about her recent experience while driving home from a seminar in San Diego.
  • [29:01] - Can anyone do pole dancing?
  • [31:01] - Sheila points out that part of the job of a leader is to help awaken those who don’t know that they’re sleeping.
  • [32:15] - In Sheila’s perspective, what is the difference between “feminine” and “masculine” energy? She answers, then talks about how to bring one’s feminine side into the business world, which is generally very masculine.
  • [35:51] - If the feminine doesn’t rise, the whole planet will be a disaster, Sheila explains.
  • [36:29] - Sheila talks about the primal circle and the important role of femininity.
  • [38:33] - Orion reveals something she learned on a visit to her family in Israel. Sheila then offers a story of her own about discoveries through travel.
  • [40:52] - We move on to talking about alter egos and the 10 icons that Sheila mentioned briefly earlier in the conversation. She then discusses how making physical changes can also have emotional impacts.
  • [45:06] - Sheila lists the icons or energies that she has been talking about. The five light energies are the innocent teaser, the blissful pleaser, the champion, the lustful lover, and the joyful playmate. The darker ones are the naughty provocateur, the dangerous challenger, the ice queen, the deep soulful siren, and the shy reluctant enigma.
  • [46:33] - Each month this year, S Factor will highlight one of the icons. Sheila takes a moment to talk about the innocent teaser and the ice queen.
  • [49:16] - Sheila talks about the three-year program that some of the S Factor teachers take, and mentions the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy.
  • [50:00] - Sheila lists places where listeners can find her.
  • [50:11] - What are Sheila’s three quick tips to living a stellar life? 1. Move your body. 2. Breathe all the way down into your lower back and let it move into your toes. 3. Embrace and free and allow every single emotional response you have to move healthfully through your body.

Links and Resources:

Sheila Kelley
S Factor
@thesheilakelley on Twitter
Sheila Kelley on Facebook
Sheila Kelley on Instagram
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Conan O’Brien
The Tonight Show
Tony Robbins
Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Michael Beckwith
Magnet For Love Gift Giveaway
Sheela na gig
Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy

Jul 11, 2017

My guest today is here to help shift your perspective on meditation, taking fast action, shedding limiting beliefs, and much more. Deborah Knight is an extraordinary coach who uses her deep skills and extensive experience to facilitate workshops and seminars and to provide group and one-on-one coaching. Her goal is to connect each of us with our own inner source of divine love, and that’s exactly what I hope she can do for you today!

Connect With Deborah:

Coach Deborah Knight
Call Deborah at: 781-799-7871
@CoachDeborahKnight on Facebook
@glowfromwithin on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [03:28] - Deborah gives us an introduction to who she is and what she does.
  • [04:00] - What are some universal laws that Deborah lives by? As she answers, she explains why gratitude is so important. She then discusses the benefits of gratitude.
  • [05:55] - Deborah explains more about how she consciously experiences gratitude in her own life, and digs into the importance of meditation.
  • [09:11] - What would be a good way for a listener who isn’t familiar with meditation to start meditating? Deborah and Orion talk about various forms of meditation, and why you can’t expect to be good at meditating immediately.
  • [12:23] - People stop meditating because they think it’s not working, Deborah points out. Orion then applies the concept to other parts of life.
  • [13:49] - Deborah explains what the Law of Attraction is, and she and Orion talk about The Secret and why it’s problematic.
  • [17:50] - Orion talks about a recent event she attended, where the host offered advice to take fast action. Deborah then points out that our gifts and desires are implanted in us for a reason.
  • [20:16] - Orion shares another story, this time from her youth, to illustrate the importance of fast action and of trusting your inspiration.
  • [23:48] - Deborah offers a story of her own about a time in which she took inspired action.
  • [26:42] - How do you develop an abundance mentality? As Deborah answers, she and Orion talk about getting limiting beliefs from other people.
  • [30:13] - Affirmations can be helpful as a trigger to stay in positive emotion, Deborah explains, but are just tools. Orion then shares how she has mastered these tools in her life.
  • [33:50] - Deborah explains why we have to separate from the ego.
  • [34:55] - Deborah talks about how she creates shifts in consciousness for her clients, sharing a story about a woman from India who brought her toddler son to the States and became a medical doctor.
  • [38:05] - Orion offers powerful advice based on the story that Deborah has just shared. She then brings up exercises she’s done through NLP.
  • [41:14] - We hear about how to manage expectations in a relationship, with Deborah explaining why coming from a place of love is helpful in this regard.
  • [43:52] - Orion recounts that monks in India told her to “let the tiger devour you,” then unravels what this means. She then offers another example from nature involving a deer shaking after being chased.
  • [46:38] - Deborah and Orion talk about having fun, which we all should be doing.
  • [48:01] - We learn how to stop the ripple or snowball effect of a small negative event from growing throughout the course of the day. Deborah and Orion then talk about tapping.
  • [41:28] - Orion gives an example of the effects of tapping involving her husband.
  • [53:01] - Deborah talks about another universal law that she lives by, which is the law of allowance.
  • [54:59] - What are Deborah’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Take care of yourself. 2. Staying in a state of gratitude and a higher vibration. 3. Be of service.
  • [56:30] - Deborah talks about where people can find her to learn more. or coach deborah knight on Facebook

Links and Resources:

Coach Deborah Knight
Call Deborah at: 781-799-7871
@CoachDeborahKnight on Facebook
@glowfromwithin on Twitter
Hawkins vibrational scale
Law of Attraction
The Secret
Dr. Demartini on Stellar Life
Esther Hicks
Riz Mirza
Shinto shrine
Louise Hay
Tony Robbins
The Tapping Solution

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