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Feb 28, 2017

Today we're joined by the lovely Antia Boyd, who has spent more than a decade helping single women attract long-term, loving, stable relationships. She struggled for years with trust issues and attracting emotionally unavailable men. In this episode she'll discuss how she finally decided to make a change and how she can help you to do the same.

Connect With Antia:

Antia Boyd on LinkedIn
@HowToFindTheRightMan on Facebook


The Mission Log:

  • [01:20] - Antia shares a bit about herself and her relationship with her husband, Brody. She explains how her background led her to where she is today, and what it took for her to find the man of her dreams.
  • [05:48] - What did Antia learn in her coaching sessions?
  • [09:12] - Antia talks about the “homework” she needed to do while she was going through coaching.
  • [11:57] - Orion talks about a book she’s reading: The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. She and Antia then talk about a lesson from the book.
  • [13:48] - Antia discusses the concept of running toward your fears. She explores this by revealing some of the dynamics she has with her husband.
  • [17:57] - What is Antia’s best dating advice for women? Her answer involves bringing energy back to yourself through awareness and questions.
  • [20:40] - We hear Antia’s advice about dating online or through apps. Her advice involves maintaining the same energy as you would in person.
  • [22:47] - Antia elaborates on why you should meet someone in person quickly when online dating, especially with an anxious attachment style.
  • [24:59] - We learn about the benefits of treating every date as a first date, and what that means in practical terms.
  • [26:16] - In terms of getting intimate, Antia doesn’t have a system. Instead, it’s something to do when you feel in alignment and you desire it, not when you’re asking yourself whether you “should.”
  • [28:30] - What does being vulnerable mean to Antia?
  • [31:15] - Antia talks about what to wear when you go out on dates. Her color advice depends on the kind of man you tend to attract, and to avoid letting your clothes wear you instead of the other way around.
  • [37:27] - Authenticity is “100%” important in a relationship, Antia says, and explains why.
  • [39:11] - What are some red flags when you’re dating someone new? She gives some advice on how to steer clear of manipulative and emotionally abusive men.
  • [42:56] - Antia discusses how to set boundaries, and how to communicate it when you have a problem with something your significant other did.
  • [46:47] - What are Antia’s three tips to leaving a stellar life? #1: Really be yourself. If you want to dance or skip or sing, do it! #2: Be authentic, and speak your truth. #3: When you’re dating or with your man, make sure you have some other way to create that same emotional tonality outside of your relationship.
  • [49:19] - Antia talks about where to find her and what she offers, including free coaching at


Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. You attract who you’re being. If you find you’re attracting the wrong kind of men, take a close look at yourself and identify how you’re similar to them.
  2. Identify which of the two types of women you are. One type of woman learns through relationships, and the other kind of woman learns outside of relationships.
  3. If you’re single, work on preparing yourself. Remember that you could meet your life partner any day, so become the woman you want to be for that event.


Links and Resources:

Antia Boyd on LinkedIn
@HowToFindTheRightMan on Facebook
The Tools
The Game

Feb 21, 2017

Today’s guest, Evette Rose, is an author, life coach, trauma release practitioner, and personal development teacher. Evette specializes in helping people resolve old traumas. This frees them to live a successful and fulfilling lives without the constraints that they might not even have realized were holding them back. Listen in to learn how to release what does not serve you anymore, and how to open your heart to attract true love.

Connect With Evette:
Metaphysical Anatomy (Evette’s site)
Metaphysical Anatomy on YouTube
Evetterose1 on Instagram
@metaphysicalanatomy on Facebook
@EvetteRose1 on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:13] - Evette starts us off with an introduction to who she is and mentions her book, Metaphysical Anatomy. She and Orion then talk about sending energy and emotions.
  • [04:31] - Orion spent time at Oneness University in India, where she learned to give a type of blessing that she describes here.
  • [05:37] - We hear about how extensively Evette has traveled.
  • [06:42] - Evette shares her tips on keeping energy high and taking care of yourself through jet lag.
  • [09:29] - What are the roots of our blocks? After some discussion, Orion narrows the question to this: what are the blocks in our healing?
  • [14:47] - In response to what Evette has been saying, Orion offers a metaphor of her own: walking along a beautiful beach wearing heavy war armor. Evette expands on that, and explains the reasons we choose to do this.
  • [17:03] - Orion takes a moment to apologize for her cat being in the room and meowing, and she and Evette then take a moment to talk about cats.
  • [17:57] - What tools can Evette give us to heal trauma? In her answer, she addresses your inner wisdom as it relates to epigenetics.
  • [19:57] - Evette returns to answering Orion’s question. She talks about the brain and body, exploring how they store past trauma.
  • {23:58] - The body’s functions are similar to an ant’s nest, Evette explains.
  • [25:57] - Evette talks about some ways to heal trauma. She also explains that illness comes from your body doing everything it possibly can to help you survive, and then reaching your limits.
  • [28:53] - Evette offers advice for what to do if you find you can’t sit still.
  • [31:59] - What does Evette think self-love is? She answers by asking a question of her own: what is your definition of love?
  • [33:14] - Orion asks Evette to go deeper into what she said in her definition of love. She explains the difference between being traumatized and being vulnerable.
  • [34:39] - Evette gives an example of being vulnerable according to her definition.
  • [36:40] - In response to what Orion has been saying, Evette steps in to talk about what surrendering means in this context.
  • [38:14] - Orion asks Evette whether she believes in the idea of exchanging versions of yourself. She then clarifies what this means. Evette agrees with the concept, but had just been using different terms.
  • [40:16] - Evette talks about her soon-to-be-released video on healing versus religion.
  • [41:30] - What can we do to connect with a feeling of abundance? Evette talks about the different kinds of abundance.
  • [43:51] - To be in a state of gratitude is incredibly difficult when you’re in a place of pain, Evette says, and discusses what to do about this.
  • [46:14] - Evette returns to her earlier point about the importance of finding someone to work with rather than trying to do it by yourself.
  • [47:20] - We hear about Evette’s past, and the fact that for many years her motivation was rooted in anger rather than love.
  • [51:47] - When was Evette’s shift from anger to love? She talks about the moment that she felt her two choices were suicide or change.
  • [54:26] - Evette and Orion spend some time talking about Evette’s previous suicidal thoughts, and the topic of suicide in general. Evette then talks about her journey back to herself.
  • [58:08] - Where can people find Evette?

A special note from Evette:

When you join Evette’s subscription list on Metaphysical Anatomy, you’ll receive 365 daily inspirational quotes, free videos, and fun facts about healing, all based on her book Metaphysical Anatomy. You’ll also receive a 10% discount coupon code for the book itself!

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. When you’re traveling, remember to take care of yourself. If you aren’t refreshed and rejuvenated, you won’t be able to give to other people.
  2. Strip away your family values. You don’t need to turn your back on them if they serve you, but do some self-examination and ask yourself who you are without them.
  3. Ask yourself whether you’re figuratively wearing battle armor while walking on a beautiful beach, because you’re still trying to protect yourself from a past trauma.

Links and Resources:

Metaphysical Anatomy (Evette’s site)
Metaphysical Anatomy on YouTube
Evetterose1 on Instagram
@metaphysicalanatomy on Facebook
@EvetteRose1 on Twitter
Metaphysical Anatomy
Oneness University

Feb 14, 2017

In this episode, we talk to Alison Armstrong, who is a world-renowned expert on male/female, masculine/feminine dynamics. Alison is an author and a sought-after speaker in gender differences and dynamics, sexuality, relationships, and more. In our conversation, she offers beautiful advice about how to better manage these relationships to lead to greater fulfillment for both partners. She’s here to teach you how to own everything that you are, so you can find love again. I don’t think I could have had a more perfect guest on this Valentine’s day!

Connect With Alison:

Understand Men on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:10] - What is the most astonishing discovery that Alison has made about men and women, and they way they connect?
  • [05:02] - Alison has said that we see men as “hairy, misbehaving women.” She talks more about the way the genders interact.
  • [08:20] - Orion points out that men don’t like to report as much as women do; Alison takes it a step further, emphasizing how deeply ingrained it is in men not to expend energy on conversations like this.
  • [10:10] - Alison discusses Orion’s use of the word “obey” in relation to men, and talks about the importance of appreciating people’s good choices.
  • [12:13] - Alison talks about how to view the “part” in “partnership,” how important it is to show appreciation in the other person’s currency, and the “worth it calculation.”
  • [18:43] - What are some ways to find and speak our partner’s love language?
  • [20:02] - Alison offers an example to explain why love languages and appreciation currencies matter. She also talks about the teleclass called The Appreciation Equation on her site.
  • [25:15] - At Alison’s house, she and her husband have something called a “credit tour,” where they point out the things they need to be appreciated for.
  • [25:40] - What makes a woman attractive to a man? Alison’s somewhat surprising answer is that instead of worrying about being attractive, you should show that you’re attracted to him.
  • [30:00] - Orion talks about her Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge. She then asks Alison’s advice for what women should do to heal themselves. In her answer, Alison emphasizes the importance of forgiving oneself.
  • [37:09] - When Alison talks about “owning,” is that public or private? And how do we get to a place of owning ourselves and our actions?
  • [40:12] - Alison talks about Valentine’s Day, starting with her aversion to its disempowering history and false beginning.
  • [44:44] - Money is like a man, Allison says, and explains the connection. Again, she emphasizes the need to be impressed and appreciative.
  • [46:42] - Alison offers her advice on healing from betrayal, trusting again, and rediscovering faith in love. Much of this revolves around unspoken expectations on both parts.
  • {53:02] - What are Alison’s three tips for living a stellar life? 1. Figure out what your shortlist (of things you truly need) is. 2. Make clear to everyone who you care about what your needs are, and ask if they’ll provide it to you. 3. Assess whether the shortlist of what people are able to provide to you matches the shortlist of what you need.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Try to avoid asking a man a relationship question unless you want a literal answer. He’s more likely to try to genuinely answer it than to take any hint you intended with the question.
  2. Don’t take it personally if your guy answers your questions about his day with “good” or “fine.” It’s his hunter instinct to conserve energy showing itself.
  3. Be direct about what you want or need from your partner. You need to provide clarity if you want your partner to provide what you’re asking for.

Links and Resources:

Understand Men on Facebook
The Queen’s Code
Love languages
The Appreciation Equation
Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge
A Hero’s Challenge

Feb 7, 2017

Today's guest is John Gray, the author of one of the top 10 most influential books of the last quarter century, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. He explains how to find a balance between our masculine and feminine sides, how to balance our hormones, and how to form and maintain a soulful, fulfilling, balanced relationship.

Connect With John:
@MarsVenus on Twitter
John Gray Mars Venus on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:52] - It’s good to get good nutrition, John says, and explains how this relates to romantic relationships.
  • [03:51] - John clearly makes the link between nutrition and hormonal balance, and, in turn, to interpersonal and romantic relationships.
  • [06:57] - The social line between the sexes has blurred, but biologically and hormonally, we’re still distinct. John talks about the challenges and potential for fulfillment that come along with these changes, and mentions his new book Beyond Mars and Venus.
  • [10:11] - What’s John’s definition of masculine versus feminine? In his answer, John talks about testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women.
  • [15:22] - John talks about how a combination of independence and dependence (or interdependence) looks in practical terms.
  • [17:05] - We learn how being a tyrant is a sign of a man being too far onto his female side.
  • [20:06] - The most destructive thing for a man to do in relationships is to express his anger and fears, or share his vulnerability, with his partner.
  • [21:30] - John discusses what it means for a man to be manly, or to be too far on his female side. He also talks about physical and emotional connections.
  • [26:30] - The real need for men is to feel successful, while for women it’s to nurture.
  • [29:26] - What can a woman do to connect to her feminine side?
  • [34:08] - John explains what vasopressin is, and the function it serves in men and women respectively.
  • [40:20] - How can a single woman find her anchor, security, and self-love in preparation for Valentine’s Day? John’s first piece of advice is to find a boyfriend, which you can do by lowering your standards. Focus on creating a lack of loneliness instead of looking for a soulmate.
  • [45:00] - The secret of learning how to communicate is for women to start sharing whatever they’re feeling, preferably with a man, but with a woman if you can’t find a guy to listen.
  • [46:23] - John talks about when a woman should have sex with a man. When you’re dating, don’t have sex to please a man; make him earn it. When you’re married, it becomes okay to have sex for him if his desire is stronger, but not in the early stages.
  • [49:05] - We hear about John’s daughter Lauren, who provides counterintuitive advice to women: don’t ask men a lot of questions. Let him be interested in you and bond with you by asking questions. Have opinions, but don’t just be opinionated.
  • [52:05] - The most important aphrodisiac for women is to relax. In terms of food, though, the best for women is beets, which contain lithium and therefore release oxytocin. John recommends watching the related video on his site for more information.
  • [55:45] - In the five days around ovulation, a woman’s estrogen levels double, increasing her need for attention, affection, romance, and touch.
  • [56:59] - John had Parkinson’s 16 years ago, but figured out a natural solution for it and restored his brain using super-minerals and amino acids. He then talks about the shakes he has formulated for men and women.
  • [60:59] - John’s testosterone levels now are 25% higher than they were when he was a young man, he reveals. For the average man at his age, testosterone levels are around half of what they were at a younger age.
  • [62:04] - What are John’s three tips for living a stellar life? 1. Single women on Valentine’s Day, plan a fun date with a girlfriend (or own your independent side). 2. Continue to grow in your knowledge and wisdom of how to love more and be loved more. 3. Have a mission and purpose, and get closer to it every day.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Commit to improving your nutrition. Good nutrition contributes to overall good health, which helps you successfully create healthy relationships.
  2. Read John’s new book, Beyond Mars and Venus. It addresses changing relationship dynamics and gender roles, as well as biological differences between the genders.
  3. Women, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be because you’re leaning too far toward your masculine side. Relax and rediscover your own femininity.

Links and Resources:
@MarsVenus on Twitter
John Gray Mars Venus on Facebook
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Beyond Mars and Venus
Lauren Gray
Lithium orotate
Tongkat Ali
Superfood shake for men
Superfood shake for women