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Jul 25, 2017

Today’s episode is twice as special as usual, because I have twice as many guests! Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle are here to talk about breathwork, self-expression, food, spirituality, and reclaiming your wild woman. They’re so devoted to that last point that they came together to found Wild Woman, an immersive women’s workshop that I recently attended and found incredibly moving and inspirational. Listen in as they offer insight into how to discover body love and ways to connect to your true essence.

Connect With Moun and Rachel:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman

The Mission Log:

  • [03:12] - Rachel starts things off by talking about how she and Moun met and decided to create Wild Woman. Moun then expands on what Rachel has been saying.
  • [05:38] - Orion shares her personal experiences in Moun and Rachel’s workshop recently.
  • [06:57] - Rachel and Moun talk about how working in partnership instead of individually has been for them. Orion then chimes in to talk about how powerful women can be, and the pressure to fit inside a box.
  • [10:55] - How do Moun and Rachel deal with criticism and rejection when they’re showing their true colors in the world?
  • [13:39] - Rachel points out how lucky she and Moun are to be surrounded by a high-vibrational community of people willing to see their own issues.
  • [15:46] - We hear more about the bridge that Rachel and Moun have built between modeling and spirituality.
  • [16:49] - As two models with perfect bodies, did Rachel and Moun have body image issues? Surprisingly, they both did, and they explain in some detail.
  • [20:40] - Rachel talks about what having had a bad relationship with food looked like in her past, and talks us through what she has discovered about her diet.
  • [22:40] - Moun takes a turn talking about her previous unhealthy relationship with food.
  • [25:33] - What are some of the tools that helped Moun transition into her current, much healthier relationship with eating?
  • [26:42] - Orion explains the power of breathwork, and then we hear more about it from our guests.
  • [29:48] - One of the things that Orion particularly liked about the Wild Woman workshop she attended is the physical connection she experienced there.
  • [31:01] - What advice would Moun and Rachel offer someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship with food?
  • [33:45] - Rachel and Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, specifically in relation to food and the importance of your state of mind.
  • [37:23] - Moun discusses the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and its powerful impact on her.
  • [38:49] - What is a wild woman?
  • [42:04] - Rachel and Moun offer advice for going from being a woman who is addicted to the idea of glamour and restricted by the opinions of those around her to blooming into a wild flower.
  • [46:01] - Orion talks about her Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge, sharing the story of one inspirational participant.
  • [48:01] - Rachel expands on what Orion has been saying, talking about her previous perspective of her sexual and sensual side as being “bad.”
  • [49:44] - Moun shares her perspective on expressing her sexuality, which was a part of her that was repressed for a long time.
  • [51:34] - Sexual expression is an empowering thing, Orion explains, talking about her conversation with Jaiya.
  • [54:04] - Rachel is currently writing an article about the topics that Orion has been discussing.
  • [55:17] - We hear a story about the impact of Rachel and Moun’s program. Moun then offers a piece of advice that has been successful for their clients.
  • [58:04] - The recurring thing that comes up in their workshops is that women feel connected to themselves, Rachel explains.
  • [61:18] - How did Rachel and Moun build their community?
  • [63:38] - Rachel offers her three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Community: have like-minded people who support you around you all the time. 2. Self-love. 3. Take joy in every single moment. Moun then responds, elaborating on what Rachel has said.

Links and Resources:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman
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Jul 18, 2017

Sheila Kelley is the founder of a movement called S Factor which is a sensual movement practice that unleashes the feminine mind, body, heart, and soul. Many women today are locked into their masculine energy in ways that show up in their physical movements, even if their other mannerisms and characteristics are strikingly feminine. This is especially visible in the hips and shoulders, which are rigidly locked in many women instead of being loose, flowing, and feminine. Today, we talk about unleashing the feminine body through movement, pole dancing, and more.

Connect With Sheila:

Sheila Kelley
S Factor
@thesheilakelley on Twitter
Sheila Kelley on Facebook
Sheila Kelley on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [02:53] - Sheila gives a brief introduction for listeners who may not yet be familiar with who she is and what she does. She then explains how she got into the kind of movement she now teaches others in S Factor.
  • [05:01] - What happens when a woman connects with her body?
  • [06:05] - Sheila talks about some transformations that she has seen in her students.
  • [07:35] - We hear how Sheila gets her ideas or -- as she puts it -- listens to what the body has to say to her.
  • [10:36] - Orion takes a moment to share her own experiences with Sheila’s work. Shelia then talks about the difference between who she was at the beginning of this journey and who she is today.
  • [13:52] - Sheila discusses her ways of infusing love and a sense of sisterhood into her S Factor community.
  • [16:41] - There is nowhere on the planet for a woman to safely and fully embrace who she is, Sheila points out, which is what S Factor aims to provide.
  • [17:43] - How can Sheila help a listener who has body shame? In her answer, she shares a story about her three-year-old daughter.
  • [19:25] - Sheila offers more advice for someone who isn’t feeling great about their body, and she and Orion discuss the importance of movement as an aspect of femininity.
  • [22:36] - Sheila talks about how to transition from the energy of unguarded (and vulnerable) femininity present in her retreats back into everyday life.
  • [25:53] - One of the things that Orion loves about Sheila’s method is that women learn it for themselves rather than for other people.
  • [28:20] - Orion shares a story about her recent experience while driving home from a seminar in San Diego.
  • [29:01] - Can anyone do pole dancing?
  • [31:01] - Sheila points out that part of the job of a leader is to help awaken those who don’t know that they’re sleeping.
  • [32:15] - In Sheila’s perspective, what is the difference between “feminine” and “masculine” energy? She answers, then talks about how to bring one’s feminine side into the business world, which is generally very masculine.
  • [35:51] - If the feminine doesn’t rise, the whole planet will be a disaster, Sheila explains.
  • [36:29] - Sheila talks about the primal circle and the important role of femininity.
  • [38:33] - Orion reveals something she learned on a visit to her family in Israel. Sheila then offers a story of her own about discoveries through travel.
  • [40:52] - We move on to talking about alter egos and the 10 icons that Sheila mentioned briefly earlier in the conversation. She then discusses how making physical changes can also have emotional impacts.
  • [45:06] - Sheila lists the icons or energies that she has been talking about. The five light energies are the innocent teaser, the blissful pleaser, the champion, the lustful lover, and the joyful playmate. The darker ones are the naughty provocateur, the dangerous challenger, the ice queen, the deep soulful siren, and the shy reluctant enigma.
  • [46:33] - Each month this year, S Factor will highlight one of the icons. Sheila takes a moment to talk about the innocent teaser and the ice queen.
  • [49:16] - Sheila talks about the three-year program that some of the S Factor teachers take, and mentions the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy.
  • [50:00] - Sheila lists places where listeners can find her.
  • [50:11] - What are Sheila’s three quick tips to living a stellar life? 1. Move your body. 2. Breathe all the way down into your lower back and let it move into your toes. 3. Embrace and free and allow every single emotional response you have to move healthfully through your body.

Links and Resources:

Sheila Kelley
S Factor
@thesheilakelley on Twitter
Sheila Kelley on Facebook
Sheila Kelley on Instagram
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Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy

Jul 11, 2017

My guest today is here to help shift your perspective on meditation, taking fast action, shedding limiting beliefs, and much more. Deborah Knight is an extraordinary coach who uses her deep skills and extensive experience to facilitate workshops and seminars and to provide group and one-on-one coaching. Her goal is to connect each of us with our own inner source of divine love, and that’s exactly what I hope she can do for you today!

Connect With Deborah:

Coach Deborah Knight
Call Deborah at: 781-799-7871
@CoachDeborahKnight on Facebook
@glowfromwithin on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [03:28] - Deborah gives us an introduction to who she is and what she does.
  • [04:00] - What are some universal laws that Deborah lives by? As she answers, she explains why gratitude is so important. She then discusses the benefits of gratitude.
  • [05:55] - Deborah explains more about how she consciously experiences gratitude in her own life, and digs into the importance of meditation.
  • [09:11] - What would be a good way for a listener who isn’t familiar with meditation to start meditating? Deborah and Orion talk about various forms of meditation, and why you can’t expect to be good at meditating immediately.
  • [12:23] - People stop meditating because they think it’s not working, Deborah points out. Orion then applies the concept to other parts of life.
  • [13:49] - Deborah explains what the Law of Attraction is, and she and Orion talk about The Secret and why it’s problematic.
  • [17:50] - Orion talks about a recent event she attended, where the host offered advice to take fast action. Deborah then points out that our gifts and desires are implanted in us for a reason.
  • [20:16] - Orion shares another story, this time from her youth, to illustrate the importance of fast action and of trusting your inspiration.
  • [23:48] - Deborah offers a story of her own about a time in which she took inspired action.
  • [26:42] - How do you develop an abundance mentality? As Deborah answers, she and Orion talk about getting limiting beliefs from other people.
  • [30:13] - Affirmations can be helpful as a trigger to stay in positive emotion, Deborah explains, but are just tools. Orion then shares how she has mastered these tools in her life.
  • [33:50] - Deborah explains why we have to separate from the ego.
  • [34:55] - Deborah talks about how she creates shifts in consciousness for her clients, sharing a story about a woman from India who brought her toddler son to the States and became a medical doctor.
  • [38:05] - Orion offers powerful advice based on the story that Deborah has just shared. She then brings up exercises she’s done through NLP.
  • [41:14] - We hear about how to manage expectations in a relationship, with Deborah explaining why coming from a place of love is helpful in this regard.
  • [43:52] - Orion recounts that monks in India told her to “let the tiger devour you,” then unravels what this means. She then offers another example from nature involving a deer shaking after being chased.
  • [46:38] - Deborah and Orion talk about having fun, which we all should be doing.
  • [48:01] - We learn how to stop the ripple or snowball effect of a small negative event from growing throughout the course of the day. Deborah and Orion then talk about tapping.
  • [41:28] - Orion gives an example of the effects of tapping involving her husband.
  • [53:01] - Deborah talks about another universal law that she lives by, which is the law of allowance.
  • [54:59] - What are Deborah’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Take care of yourself. 2. Staying in a state of gratitude and a higher vibration. 3. Be of service.
  • [56:30] - Deborah talks about where people can find her to learn more. or coach deborah knight on Facebook

Links and Resources:

Coach Deborah Knight
Call Deborah at: 781-799-7871
@CoachDeborahKnight on Facebook
@glowfromwithin on Twitter
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The Tapping Solution

Jul 4, 2017

Attracting the right partner and then building a deep connection with that partner is something that is on everyone’s to-do list. Today’s amazing guest, Jacqualyn Burnson, is here to explore that concept in more detail. Jacqualyn is a former biologist who is now a coach along with her soulmate, Andrew. This kind of soulmate relationship and partnership can sound too good to be true, and Jacqualyn is charmingly relatable as she reveals that she and Andrew have had their share of difficulties. She then offers incredible insight and advice on how to move beyond negative interactions with your partner.

Connect With Jacqualyn:
Jacqyalyn Burnson on LinkedIn
Jacqualyn Burnson on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:59] - Jacqualyn explains what she has been doing professionally since 2010.
  • [04:11] - What brought Jacqualyn into the love business? In her answer, she shares some of the details of her childhood that brought her to where she is today.
  • [06:28] - We learn what the catalyst was for Jacqualyn’s change from thinking she would never be loveable or find a husband to walking down the path she’s on now.
  • [08:12] - Jacqualyn walks us through some of the steps she took once she decided that she was going to find her soulmate.
  • [08:50] - What was Jacqualyn’s first date with her soulmate Andrew like?
  • [10:51] - Jacqualyn defines what “soulmate” means to her, which involves seeing past the body and this life’s accomplishments. Orion then shares a striking quote about soulmates by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • [13:22] - Orion takes a moment to discuss her own relationship. Jacqualyn then digs deeper into the mirror concept that she and Orion have been discussing.
  • [15:45] - The three things that make you grow the most, explains Orion, are having a business, having kids, and relationships.
  • [16:39] - Jacqualyn talks about the five-star relationship system she and Andrew came up with, and explains how this has applied to their relationship.
  • [18:29] - What sorts of mistakes did Jacqualyn make when she was dating? After answering, she explains what the glue is that held her and Andrew together even when things weren’t going well for them.
  • [20:55] - Jacqualyn explains the actions she and Andrew committed to taking in order to improve their relationship. She explains the important role that New Earth by Eckhart Tolle had in her transformation and growth.
  • [23:35] - We learn some of the things that changed in Jacqualyn’s relationship once she identified the fact that her ego is not herself.
  • [24:43] - What are some relationship tools that Jacqualyn teaches her clients?
  • [27:07] - Orion talks about a powerful communication tool that she and Stephan use to keep their relationship healthy.
  • [29:25] - Jacqualyn responds to the tool Orion has just talked about, discussing why it’s so successful.
  • [31:07] - What does Jacqualyn recommend for overcoming a power struggle in a relationship between two competitive people?
  • [32:58] - Jacqualyn talks more about escaping from the perspective of being in competition with your partner.
  • [33:34] - Meditation actually rewires your brain, Jacqualyn explains. She then talks about other powerful tools and techniques.
  • [37:02] - Jacqualyn lists some of the biggest keys to success in relationships.
  • [39:54] - Jacqualyn offers her definition of happiness, and explains why it’s so important to seek out the joy and beauty of the world.
  • [42:13] - How do you pick the right person for you, or know if someone you’ve found is the right fit for you?
  • [44:38] - We learn what the six factors on Jacqualyn’s ladder of compatibility are, with her explaining each one and why it’s important. She and Orion then discuss the importance of deeply knowing yourself.
  • [48:11] - Jacqualyn offers some words of wisdom for people who are staying with the wrong person for the sake of not being alone.
  • [51:01] - What are Jacqualyn’s three tips for living a stellar life? 1. You don’t have a life; you are life. 2. Recognize that you are an infinite soul with infinite possibility. 3. Live authentically.
  • [53:09} - Jacqualyn offers listeners the free gift of a morning love meditation. To get it, go to

Links and Resources:
Jacqyalyn Burnson on LinkedIn
Jacqualyn Burnson on Facebook
5 Star Relationship System
The Mastermind Principle
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New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
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