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Aug 29, 2017

The brilliant Dr. Shari Caplan joins me today to talk about  hormone imbalances and much, much more. She’ll go into depth about different hormones, various conditions related to them, and what sorts of treatment options are available. Believe it or not, a simple hormone imbalance may be causing you to burn 300 fewer calories a day, leading to weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. She has dedicated much of her career to studying hormonal issues, and she’s here to share her wisdom with you!

Connect With Dr. Caplan:
Dr. Shari Caplan on Facebook
Dr. Shari Caplan on LinkedIn
@vitalitymdtor on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:44] - Dr. Caplan starts off by sharing a little about herself. She walks us through her career, from her conventional training in medicine to how she decided to shift into dealing with hormonal issues.
  • [06:03] - What is the biggest issue that Dr. Caplan tends to see with women and hormones? She most often sees perimenopausal women, she answers.
  • [09:12] - Dr. Caplan discusses whether perimenopause can start as early as a woman’s 20s. She also explains that menopause is a retroactive diagnosis.
  • [13:15] - We learn about the main hormones and the powerful effects that they can have on us, especially when their levels are off.
  • [17:16] - How fast can Dr. Caplan diagnose a patient and be able to treat them with the correct hormones?
  • [19:02] - Orion points out that Dr. Caplan is nonjudgmental and works with her clients where they are, instead of trying to make them do more than they’re ready for.
  • [19:47] - What is the difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones?
  • [22:26] - Dr. Caplan talks about how she figures out exactly what to give each of her patients. It’s complicated, she explains, because it’s a moving target.
  • [26:00] - Dr. Caplan discusses the role of detoxification pathways in what she does.
  • [27:11] - Does Dr. Caplan think that hormonal imbalance affects the same percentages of men and women? As she answers, Dr. Caplan discusses some of the differences between men and women in this regard.
  • [29:22] - We learn more about what Dr. Caplan meant about women coming to her with different kinds of stories.
  • [30:25] - Can you restore your hormonal balance, or do you need to take supplements for the rest of your life?
  • [31:12] - Dr. Caplan talks about some of the supplements and herbs she recommends for certain patients.
  • [34:35] - We hear about thyroid issues, with Dr. Caplan explaining some of the symptoms of having low thyroid. She then explains how doctors check for this, and why the standard blood test may not give you the full picture.
  • [37:50] - Dr. Caplan offers a visual metaphor to explain why you can have low thyroid function even if you have normal test results.
  • [39:13] - Orion talks about her mom’s thyroid condition, then Dr. Caplan explains why one might have symptoms despite being treated.
  • [41:01] - Is it possible to cure your thyroid naturally?
  • [42:22] - Dr. Caplan talks about what adrenal fatigue is, and how you can combat it.
  • [46:09] - Orion takes a moment to rave about the breadth of services available at Dr. Caplan’s clinic. Dr. Caplan then talks about her vision for the future of her clinics.
  • [47:13] - What types of IVs does Dr. Caplan use at her clinic?
  • [48:21] - You have to pick and choose your supplements, Dr. Caplan explains, and it can be a rotating system.
  • [49:19] -  What are Dr. Caplan’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Follow your dreams. 2. Do something you’re passionate about. 3. Optimize your health through diet, nutrition,and stress management.
  • [49:38] - If people want to learn more about Dr. Caplan or her clinic, where can they go?

Links and Resources:
Dr. Shari Caplan on Facebook
Dr. Shari Caplan on LinkedIn
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Aug 22, 2017

Today's guest is Kathryn Ford, the CEO of Excellence Institute and an award-winning life coach, brilliant consultant, international speaker, and an Amazon #1 best-selling author. When faced with a challenging health diagnosis, Kathryn declared that she would be a medical miracle, thus laying the roots for what would eventually become her successful system. Listen to learn more about her simple and straightforward prescription to a radiant, abundant life.

Connect With Kathryn:

Kathryn Ford
Kathryn Ford on Facebook
Kathryn Ford on LinkedIn
@ExcellenceInst on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:22] - Orion and Kathryn start things off by discussing when they originally met, and how their friendship developed.
  • [02:58] - Kathryn explains a bit of who she is and what she does in the world. She discusses how a health crisis of her own inspired her to become who she is today.
  • [06:37] - We all have an inner pharmacy, Kathryn explains. She relates this to the before/after pictures we see of every president at the end of each presidential terms.
  • [09:42] - Kathryn shares how the power of her mind helped her to maintain health despite taking injections that turned out to be harmful for over 16 years.
  • [10:22] - Orion recommends The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, and discusses how it has impacted her life.
  • [11:41] - What did Kathryn do the very first day she received her painful news?
  • [13:29] - Kathryn points out that awareness is key, then describes how self-care can change your relationship with abundance.
  • [15:52] - What did Kathryn do to support her new belief system? One of her major breakthroughs, she explains, was realizing that she needed to release her addiction to struggle.
  • [18:06] - Orion shares a story of an event she attended recently, and how she encountered this addiction to struggle in a young girl there.
  • [20:48] - Kathryn offers advice on how to break through your own limiting beliefs. She shares how important perspective is in creating abundance in your life.
  • [23:49] - We learn about how Kathryn practices gratitude daily. She discusses the importance of automatically going into gratitude when something hard or hurtful occurs.
  • [25:25] - Kathryn discusses the seven steps she has just mentioned, pointing out that each one is a form of self-care.
  • [26:12] - The first of the seven steps, or “waves,” is setting up your personal passion prescription.
  • [27:45] - The second wave is getting clear on what self-care means and how to practice it.
  • [29:47] - How do you distinguish between what other people are thinking or feeling, and what is your own personal intuition?
  • [31:56] - Wave number three is gratitude, Kathryn explains. Orion then expands on how this can transform your life.
  • [33:37] - Kathryn points out that practicing gratitude reminds us that we’re connected to source (or spirit).
  • [34:11] - The fourth wave is peace and joy. Kathryn teaches her clients to find peace and calm no matter what storm is going on around them.
  • [35:36] - Orion explains that stress is responsible for 80-85% of all human illnesses.
  • [36:16] - The fifth wave revolves around self-worth (which, Kathryn points out, is not the same as net worth). Kathryn then explains how to reach this state of self-worth by uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs.
  • [39:23] - Orion describes an exercise that she does with her clients to help them get over their negative or limiting beliefs.
  • [40:25] - Grace, or forgiveness, is the sixth of the seven waves in Kathryn’s system.
  • [41:44] - The powerful seventh wave is joy.
  • [42:20] - Orion recaps the seven steps that Kathryn has described for us.
  • [42:46] - Kathryn offers listeners a beautiful gift: The Five Keys to Discovering Your Personal Expression of Self-Love. You can find that at this link!

Links and Resources:

Kathryn Ford
Kathryn Ford on Facebook
Kathryn Ford on LinkedIn
@ExcellenceInst on Twitter
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Be Well: A 7-Step System for Radical Healing by Kathryn Ford
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The Five Keys to Discovering Your Personal Expression of Self-Love (Kathryn’s gift to listeners)

Aug 15, 2017

Today's guest is Liana Chaouli, who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Liana has spent two decades developing image therapy, a practice now taught worldwide, but she has been a stylist her whole life (as she’ll explain in this conversation). As Liana talks about style, she goes much deeper than simple clothing choices, emphasizing the importance of accepting your inner beauty, finding empowerment and confidence, and seeing yourself as the beautiful miracle you are.

Connect With Liana:

Image Therapy
About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:33] - Liana starts off by telling us a bit about who she is and what she does. We learn that she’s an image therapist from the inside out.
  • [06:52] - We hear a bit about the amazing adventure that is Liana’s life. She also points out that in the moment, we tend not to realize how precious each moment is.
  • [09:12] - What triggered Liana’s passion for wanting to help people look better and feel better? She talks us through her early life, and shares the story of a client to illustrate how easy it is to crush self-esteem.
  • [14:14] - Liana explains why she thinks it’s so difficult for women (in particular) to see themselves as masterpieces.
  • [16:59] - What can listeners do to see themselves in a more empowered way, or to see themselves in the image of God?
  • [20:00] - Liana has ten different business cards, each with a different saying. One of these says “Be proud of your assets, not ashamed of your flaws.”
  • [22:00] - People think that they’re always at the behest of what’s going on in the world, Liana points out.
  • [23:39] - Orion talks about a previous Stellar Life episode with Sally Anderson.
  • [26:24] - Liana shares an extraordinary success story, and spends some time talking about her parents.
  • [33:17] - Noticing is a huge part of becoming aware and mindful, Liana points out.
  • [34:42] - How do you find your style, and how do you boldly go for it regardless of what other people think?
  • [38:25] - Liana offers listeners a gift, which you can get by going to!
  • [40:40] - If Orion tries on a piece of clothing and it makes her dance, she’ll buy it. That’s because her intuition is speaking to her, Liana explains.
  • [42:17] - Orion brings up the fact that cleansing your closet and getting rid of clothes can be a painful experience.
  • [44:10] - Do people do something ceremonial to say goodbye to meaningful clothing pieces during her closet cleanses?
  • [46:27] - We hear about how much Orion loves various colors, and her relationship with the color red.
  • [47:49] - Liana invites Orion (and any listeners who are interested) to her group You Are a Masterpiece on Facebook. She also offers listeners an exercise: don’t wear black for a month.
  • [50:20] - Liana puts Orion, who has been objecting to the idea of not wearing any of her black clothing, in the hot seat (or the throne, as she calls it).
  • [53:20] - The starting point of transformation with Liana is trust, she explains.
  • [56:40] - What are Liana’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Always know that you’re a masterpiece. 2. Take Liana up on her suggestion not to wear black for a month. 3. Every day, acknowledge someone else for the amazing person that they are.
  • [59:54] - Liana shares a story of an encounter with two homeless musicians.

Links and Resources:

Image Therapy
About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook
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You Are a Masterpiece

Aug 8, 2017

Do you own your gifts and the areas of your life where you are a realized master? If you are not sure, today’s episode of Stellar Life is for you. This is a show I really enjoyed making as I talked with Kris Dillard about realizing where we are masters, owning our gifts, and quieting the mind.

Connect With Kris:

The Mission Log:

  • [03:51] - Kris starts things off by telling us a bit about himself, how he grew up, and how he transitioned from his work as a software developer into a life full of self-discovery.
  • [05:25] - What is the method Kris uses and promotes, and why does he find it so powerful?
  • [09:05] - What you’ll see when you use this method, Kris explains, is that the amazing version of yourself that you’ll discover during the process has always been there.
  • [10:14] - The number-one reason many people sleepwalk through life is desire, Kris points out, and links this to both Buddhism and Christianity. Orion disagrees, so Kris explains what he means in more depth.
  • [11:58] - Orion steps in to reveal that she thinks that desire is the most important thing a person can have, and offers examples. Kris then expands on what Orion has been saying and discusses the fact that the mind functions in pictures, not words.
  • [14:40] - Kris explains that, keeping in mind that the mind uses pictures, if you want something, your mind pictures a lack of having the thing it wants.
  • [15:21] - How can you attain something if you don’t want it?
  • [17:16] - Kris offers several amazing stories to illustrate how this method has worked from him.
  • [20:02] - We learn more about how to use the method that Kris has been describing. He offers an exercise for listeners to explore his technique.
  • [24:20] - When Orion observes this process, she would expect some people who go through it to get stuck in the negativity for a long time. She and Kris then discuss how to handle this.
  • [27:10] - How does judgment fit into Kris’ world? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • [29:55] - We hear more about what people experience during Kris’ course. He points out that most people come because they’re facing specific pain points or challenges.
  • [31:25] - Sensation is never explainable, Orion points out, and shares her experience at Oneness University in India.
  • [32:25] - How do past lives and reincarnation fit into the method?
  • [34:06] - Kris believes that life is really about freedom, and that we’re on this planet to discover who we are. He then talks about how to know when a master is realized. He and Orion then talk about how charging money for something relates to a master being all-giving.
  • [37:52] - We hear about Kris’ thoughts on meditation, which he describes as being passive. He then offers an active technique.
  • [41:42] - Orion returns to something Kris said about negative emotions. She shares her own thoughts on emotions.
  • [43:34] - Kris expands on his own thoughts about emotions in response to what Orion has been saying.
  • [45:30] - What do you do in the moment if someone provokes a negative feeling in you (for example, with road rage or aggressive driving)?
  • [49:17] - Kris offers his definition of happiness. Orion then shares hers in response.
  • [50:42] - What are Kris’ three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Let go of disapproving of yourself. 2. Give yourself love and approval. 3. Let go of wanting so that you can have.
  • [51:57] - Where can people learn more about Kris and his method?

Links and Resources:
Eckhart Tolle
Oneness University
The Alpha Female Podcast


Aug 1, 2017

My sales and business coach, Jennifer Diepstraten, is one of my favorite teachers and coaches. You may know that I go to several conferences and seminars a month, and of all the amazing people I’ve met there, Jennifer continues to amaze. She guides other teachers and coaches in how to get paid top dollar for services and close big sales with ease. If you’ve ever struggled with sales, felt awkward during the process, or just want to take your selling to the next level, be sure to tune into this episode!

Connect With Jennifer:

Jennifer Diepstraten on Facebook
Jennifer Diepstraten on LinkedIn
Jennifer Diepstraten on Twitter
Jennifer Diepstraten on FamilyCo
High Ticket Sales Success

The Mission Log:

  • [05:24] - Jennifer introduces herself and talks a bit about who she is and what she does. She also shares a story about what her husband said to her on their second date.
  • [07:06] - Orion takes a moment to talk about the fact that some men know very quickly when they find the right women. Jennifer then elaborates on this in her situation.
  • [08:11] - What is Jennifer’s mission, and what is her passion?
  • [10:48] - In Orion’s experience, it hurts inside and she feels unfulfilled when she doesn’t share her gift with people.
  • [13:12] - What are some of the common struggles that Jennifer sees in her clients when they first come to work with her?
  • [15:17] - Jennifer offers advice on how to figure out what makes you unique, and how to communicate that better. In the process, she shares part of her own story.
  • [18:27] - Jennifer’s suggestion for her clients is to start at a high price point, she explains.
  • [20:29] - In the past, Orion used to sell her mentors more than she sold herself. She then shares insight into how she starts off conversations with her clients, and why she spends time discussing their breakthroughs.
  • [23:53] - Similarly, Jennifer usually starts conversations by asking “what are your wins?” or “what are your accomplishments?” Orion then points out that we listen better when we’re listening to teach, rather than listening just for ourselves.
  • [25:49] - Jennifer is an auditory learner, she reveals, and talks briefly about the way that she learns best.
  • [26:53] - When it comes to topics like relationships and spirituality, how does Jennifer quantify what she’s offering in the sales process?
  • [29:35] - Jennifer addresses the question of how to raise your fees without giving more stuff away. In doing so, she uses a metaphor about selling kids’ toys at a garage sale.
  • [34:52] - Orion relates her experiences with doing Jennifer’s exercise.
  • [36:10] - We hear more about how to apply this to selling services that don’t have a monetary ROI.
  • [37:49] - Jennifer provides a specific and detailed example about a client of hers to illustrate what she has been saying.
  • [43:34] - Knowing what your quantum benefits are helps you figure out exactly what it is that you help people with, Jennifer points out.
  • [45:31] - What is the conversation like when Jennifer has just met someone at a conference or a seminar and is trying to attract them to her offer?
  • [47:32] - Orion starts a roleplay session with Jennifer to demonstrate how the process works.
  • [49:27] - One of the things that Jennifer teaches is to know who is in the room, and to use that information to make the decision about what to lead with.
  • [51:33] - Orion focuses on the topic of intention, asking Jennifer what someone can do to purify their intention.
  • [54:19] - What are Jennifer’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1: Be crystal clear about what it is that you want. 2: Allow yourself to have it. 3: Pay attention to what you’re grateful for.
  • [56:20] - Jennifer generously offers a gift to Stellar Life listeners: her book 9 Secrets to Increase Your Fees and Magnetically Attract Top-Dollar Clients. To get it, go to

Links and Resources:

Jennifer Diepstraten on Facebook
Jennifer Diepstraten on LinkedIn
Jennifer Diepstraten on Twitter
Jennifer Diepstraten on FamilyCo
High Ticket Sales Success
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