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Oct 31, 2017

Kristen Ulmer is intimately familiar with fear. She was recognized as the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world for twelve years. Her book, The Art of Fear, radically challenges existing norms about what to do with fear and anxiety. If you want to conquer and overcome your fear, you’ve come to the right place!

Connect With Kristen:
Kristen Ulmer on Facebook
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The Mission Log:

  • [02:57] - Kristen starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and explaining how she became experienced with fear.
    [04:08] - We learn about the day that Kristen became famous.
  • [06:40] - Kristen discusses whether our relationship with fear can change as we get older, explaining that fear that we haven’t dealt with backs up as we age.
  • [11:03] - What is fear? How would Kristen describe fear?
  • [13:28] - Trying to deal with our emotions intellectually can create problems, Kristen explains, and offers another way of dealing with them.
  • [14:16] - Kristen talks about how she deals with fear of rejection. Orion then explains that fear of rejection is both a powerful motivator in her life and something that sometimes holds her back.
  • [17:15] - Kristen explains why “conquering” or “overcoming” fear is a bad strategy to employ, and what we should do with it instead.
  • [19:42] - You can get away with controlling your fear for about ten years before it starts to catch up with you, Kristen points out.
  • [22:02] - Orion talks about Kristen’s way of dealing with archetypes and discusses how this relates to the work that she does with her clients.
  • [24:12] - Kristen explains that there aren’t different types of fear, there’s only fear. Our minds, though, categorizes it as good or bad.
  • [28:09] - Owning fear and knowing that you’re never going to get rid of it is the first step in having a healthy relationship with fear, Kristen explains.
  • [30:48] - We deaden ourselves to not deal with our emotions (including fear), but we’re here to feel alive.
  • [33:27] - Orion is going to Israel next week. She explains how her experience of the expression of feelings in Israel relates to what Kristen has been saying.
  • [34:34] - Kristen talks about people who are overly emotional or whose fear seems irrational.
  • [39:27] - What Kristen has been saying resonates with something Orion learned at Oneness University: “let the tiger devour you.”
  • [43:48] - The way that you talk about fear is one of the most important shifts you can make in order to have a better relationship with it.
  • [45:50] - Kristen discusses how she came up with her methodology surrounding fear.
  • [48:28] - What make Kristen write her book The Art of Fear? She answers, then shares a couple of stories.
  • [52:19] - Orion and Kristen discuss the role of fear in going to India, with Orion sharing a story about an encounter with an elephant.
  • [55:13] - We hear about one of Orion’s clients, who was afraid to break up a toxic relationship.
  • [57:54] - If you want to get out of a toxic relationship and they’ve gotten in touch with their fear, what’s the next step?
  • [62:53] - Kristen emphasizes the importance of changing the language we use around fear.
  • [65:23] - What are Kristen’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Have a fear practice. 2. Become aware of your resistance to anything unpleasant. 3. Take your love and wrap it around fear.

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Oct 24, 2017

Today's guest, Athena Rosette, discovered the powerful potential of having an alter ego when she switched identities with her best friend at summer camp. In the years since, she has delved into the topic by using her own alter ego for personal growth while also exploring the various roles that alter egos can play. Alter egos don’t just belong to the villains in superhero movies or comic books. In fact, each of us has an alter ego, although we might not think of it in those terms. I absolutely love the idea of an alter ego, so I can’t wait to share this episode with you!

The Mission Log:

  • [05:12] - Athena takes a moment to clarify what an alter ego is for listeners who may not be familiar with the term or may have other associations with the term.
  • [06:24] - We hear about Athena’s earliest experiences with alter egos, which she ties to her childhood in a Catholic home.
  • [08:57] - Athena discusses James Lawrence, an athlete who has done something incredible through the use of an alter ego. Orion then talks about some of her own experiences, both in Japan and India.
  • [12:19] - How did Athena develop her personas? She answers, then discusses the physiological changes that can occur after the psychological changes.
  • [17:28] - Alter egos can be a bridge to the next version of ourselves because they make a safe space for us to have trial and error, Athena explains.
  • [18:05] - What does Athena think about the idea that creating alter egos can create psychological side effects?
  • [19:22] - Athena has one alter ego (not multiple), who she doesn’t name. She talks about her alter ego goddess and her belief that we, as women, are all connected through the divine feminine.
  • [23:29] - Athena feels that there’s a natural integration happening between her and her goddess alter ego.
  • [25:01] - We move onto the role of alter egos in the bedroom, with Athena explaining that this is one of the biggest (and most fun) ways in which people use alter egos.
  • [28:02] - Orion talks about an earlier episode of Stellar Life featuring Jaiya, sharing a lesson about respect in the bedroom. Athena then agrees that it’s important to have boundaries in place before play starts.
  • [29:57] - What are the steps to begin embracing your own alter ego?
  • [32:53] - Orion points out that when you talk to people from BDSM and similar communities, you’ll find that many of the people involved are sweet, kind, successful, and happy to help and assist.
  • [34:08] - Athena shares a story and corresponding lesson for people who are expanding their identity through their sensuality.
  • [35:42] - Orion shifts the conversation into creating an alter ego as a form of healing, sharing some of her own experiences.
  • [39:35] - What are some cases in which Athena saw someone embracing an alter ego as a form of healing?
  • [42:16] - Athena talks about the difference between her and her alter ego, particularly before she started integrating the two.
  • [45:52] - We hear Athena’s advice for women who may have gained weight that they feel self-conscious about or are otherwise unhappy with their appearance.
  • [47:47] - Athena goes into more detail about what to do if you don’t know the answers to her questions immediately.
  • [49:08] - One of the things Orion does a lot with her clients is mirror work, she explains, discussing what this is and how she applies it.
  • [51:55] - Athena shares something that she’s learned through her health issues: the body is a teacher that we can learn from.
  • [55:42] - Orion offers a piece of advice to help with Athena’s condition involving stem cell injections.
  • [58:48] - What are Athena’s three top tips to living a stellar life?
    1. Meditate.
    2. Don’t worry so much about “getting it right.”
    3. Practice loving yourself and being thankful.
  • [60:18] - Athena lists some places you can find her.

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Oct 17, 2017

Lazo Freeman is the #1 body transformation coach in the UK, with clients including other trainers, international stars, and the wealthy elite of London. He understands that transformation needs to come from a place of love and self-acceptance rather than shame or embarrassment, and emphasizes the connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Connect With Lazo:

Lazo Freeman on Facebook
Body Transformation Academy
Lazo Freeman on Instagram
@LazoFreeman on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [03:42] - Orion takes a moment to talk to Lazo briefly about her recent trip to India, where she explains that everything is heightened. She and Lazo then discuss and compare their experiences in India.
  • [08:09] - It’s hard to be born a girl in India because the question of the dowry, Orion points out.
  • [08:48] - Lazo explains a bit about who he is and what he does. He also talks about his transformation.
  • [12:25] - We hear about Lazo’s clients, who tend to be very wealthy.
    [14:34] - Orion steps in to celebrate Lazo’s story and his success. In response, Lazo goes into more depth about his early life and digs into the importance of family and love.
  • [19:32] - Like Lazo, Orion has Kurdish heritage, she explains.
  • [22:20] - Lazo talks about how he changed into becoming a super-fit bodybuilder. He also offers advice about booking a photoshoot for the future to help you visualize how you want to look.
  • [25:28] - We learn about a specific client of Lazo’s and the importance of answering specific questions for yourself.
  • [27:49] - Lazo’s one gem is getting out of your head and being in your body. Once you’ve practiced this, your body will give you important feedback, he explains.
  • [29:02] - Lazo talks about the learning difficulties he was diagnosed with as a teenager.
  • [31:30] - Has Lazo heard of the work of Louise Hay? Lazo answers, and takes some time to talk about his brother as well.
  • [34:08] - Orion shares her fitness journey with Lazo, sharing a surprising story about how easily she lost weight during her week and a half in India. Lazo then explains why this occurred for her.
  • [37:49] - How can you create this state of joy that leads to effortless weight loss during your everyday life despite needing to work and deal with everyday matters?
  • [40:33] - Lazo clarifies why throwing away your clothes can be helpful if you get stuck in your fitness or weight-loss journey.
  • [42:50] - Lazo offers advice involving deciding which specific facet of working out you should work on.
  • [45:52] - What is Lazo’s key to success? He answers that lots of people vastly underestimate how much joy your body and your life can give you.
  • [46:38] - We learn about how Lazo helps women fall in love with their bodies.
  • [50:46] - What are Lazo’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love is medicine, so rise in love. 2. Be honest with yourself. 3. Hang out with good people.
  • [51:34] - Lazo talks about where listeners can find him.

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Oct 10, 2017

My guest today, Fred Gallo, is an expert in human psychology who has studied multiple therapy modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, NLP, TFD, and many more. He’s a world expert on a process called "tapping".  I saw firsthand how powerful this method is when it cured my husband’s phobias of heights and water.

Connect With Fred:
About Dr. Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Fred Gallo on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:50] - Fred talks about who he is and describes his background. He also introduces the concept of tapping.
  • [06:01] - We hear a specific example of how tapping helped one of Fred’s clients.
  • [09:13] - Was Fred surprised by how quickly and powerfully tapping worked for this client? He answers, then discusses another, even more powerful instance in which tapping helped the same client.
  • [12:58] - Fred had worked with this client for many months using different techniques before she achieved the breakthroughs that she achieved through tapping, he explains.
  • [14:57] - Orion points out that Fred started working with a relatively small issue with this client, which built the trust necessary to face the bigger, deeper issue.
  • [16:33] - We hear that Fred has helped Orion’s husband, Stephan, with two deep fears he held: heights and water. Fred goes into depth about how completely Stephan overcame these fears with the help of tapping.
  • [19:10] - Did Fred do another tapping treatment on Stephan before the next canoe ride, or were the effects from the previous session still effective?
  • [21:51] - What are Fred’s spiritual beliefs, and how are they involved in the ways he treats people? As he answers, he shares some incredible things that have happened throughout his life journey, including how he ended up treating Tony Robbins.
  • [27:17] - Fred explains why Tony Robbins thought that he was “the man” before they had met for the first time.
  • [29:03] - Does tapping work (and offer benefits) for everybody? It’s very effective for most people, Fred answers, but a few don’t like it.
  • [31:00] - Fred gives an example of a case in which tapping was a permanent cure for a young woman’s emotional trauma.
  • [38:25] - Orion points out that Fred’s tapping is unique because of his background in other therapies. Fred then explains that while people can do tapping on themselves to some extent, they likely won’t need to.
  • [41:29] - Does Fred feel that some people are attached to their memories and are afraid to let go, perhaps because they are attached to their victim mentality? In his answer, he digs into a case in which a man who was sabotaging his life didn’t believe that he would ever be happy.
  • [48:26] - Visualization isn’t necessary, Fred explains, but explains how it can be helpful. He also offers a strategy for getting around it for people who struggle with visualizing things.
  • [50:55] - Fred talks about his strategies for treating ADHD.
  • [54:45] - Where can people find Fred and learn more about what he does?

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Oct 3, 2017

Today, I’m joined by a woman with whom I have many incredible life parallels, including our love for both travel and cleansing. Nykki Hardin is a wellness expert who formulated her own 21-day cleanse. She holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a term she’ll explain in our conversation today, and is incredibly passionate about helping people reach their peak potential in both mind and body. We talk today about how intimately the two are linked, and how it’s possible to begin healing and thriving.

Connect With Nykki:

Nykki Hardin
Nykki Hardin on Facebook
Nykki Hardin - Nykkis Cleanse on Yelp
@NykkiHardin on Twitter
NykkiHardin on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [04:31] - Nykki starts off by sharing a little bit about herself, including when she started studying nutrition and her experience with travel.
  • [07:40] - Orion explores some of the similarities between herself and Nykki, and reveals that she’s going to India in a few days.
  • [09:09] - Nykki has lived in Japan three times, she reveals, and explains how her first trip there changed her life. Orion then discovers another parallel in her and Nykki’s stories.
  • [12:53] - What is spiritual psychology?
  • [15:44] - Nykki digs into her perspective on food and how we use it to comfort (or punish) ourselves.
  • [17:28] - How can someone do a better job of showing up for himself or herself? Nykki answers in relation to food, cleansing, and letting go.
  • [20:27] - In response to a hypothetical example from Orion about someone depressed, overweight, and without a real desire to change, Nykki points out that you can’t work with someone who doesn’t have a desire to change. She then explores how she would help a client in a situation like this.
  • [24:51] - What are some of Nykki’s processes to help clients with positive self-talk or self-love?
  • [28:55] - Nykki’s trip to India was spawned by her deep depression, she reveals. She and Orion then talk about her choice of language in saying that someone is “carrying extra weight” instead of “being fat.”
  • [31:48] - The body has an inherent ability to heal and we just need to set it up for success, Nykki explains.
  • [34:27] - Nykki discusses GMOs, explaining what they are and passionately digging into why they’re a problem.
  • [39:02] - Nykki relates what she has been saying about GMOs to something she learned in high school science class about how only a small percentage of our genes determine what we look like.
  • [41:24] - Since so much food in America is genetically modified, what should we eat?
  • [43:28] - Orion shares a story about visiting the Dead Sea with a friend and meeting a man who lived off algae. Nykki then talks about the power of chlorella.
  • [46:42] - What’s wrong with coffee?
  • [49:10] - Nykki talks about why she is so passionate about cleansing, explaining that she did her first cleanse in India. She also discusses what the term “God” means to her in the process of sharing how cleansing became her passion.
  • [55:53] - We learn about Nykki’s 21-day cleanse program, which includes both her therapeutic-grade herbal formulas with a step-by-step food protocol.
  • [58:22] - Where can people find Nykki?
  • [59:12] - What are Nykki’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Cleanse regularly. 2. Meditate. 3. Love from the inside out.

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