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Jan 30, 2018

My guest in this episode is Luke Storey, who is not only a biohacking expert but also an experienced life stylist. Luke will take a deep dive into biohacking, a relatively new concept that involves using science, technology, and research to hack your body and brain. We’ll talk about his life and his various transitions, as well as concepts like the importance of sunlight, choosing the best drinking water, and what a fulfilling morning routine looks like.

Connect With Luke:

Luke Storey
@MrLukeStorey on Twitter
Luke Storey on Instagram
Luke Storey on YouTube
@MrLukeStorey on Facebook
Luke Storey on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [07:13] - Luke shares a bit about himself and talks about his life story. He explains that he has had a classic hero’s journey, and even dealt with drug addiction from a shockingly early age.
  • [11:00] - We hear about what Luke did with the trauma he experienced as a kid, and how easily he got addicted to various substances. He also discusses the reasons that he didn’t follow through with his suicidal ideas.
  • [14:09] - On the positive side, things became so dark and painful by Luke’s mid-20s that he was able to explore his shadow self in depth early in his life. This thoroughly prepared him to study spirituality when he was 26.
  • [16:36] - Luke talks about his next steps professionally, as he began working as a stylist. He then discusses his complete career shift two years ago, when he reinvented himself as a life stylist.
  • [19:46] - Orion feels and understands Luke’s passion, and has a similar passion for her work.
  • [21:06] - Luke discusses the fear behind his transition, as well as the result of the transition.
  • [25:18] - After 17 years as a stylist, it became clear to Luke that fashion wasn’t his true passion and he wasn’t fulfilled by it. Instead, the thing that puts him in the best mood is helping other people. He talks about how he discovered this.
  • [27:46] - Orion points out that when people pay, they pay attention.
  • [29:52] - Luke shifts into talking about biohacking by discussing how difficult it is to achieve success in personal refinement and development when your biology is suffering.
  • [33:24] - What is Luke’s definition of biohacking?
  • [36:15] - Luke talks about what has and hasn’t worked in getting our species to where we are. As our technology advances, he points out, we get further and further away from our natural environment.
  • [39:20] - Last night, Orion put her TrueDark glasses on before she went to bed. This morning, she soaked up the sunlight on the beach.
  • [40:26] - One of Luke’s biggest sleep hacks is to get at least 20 minutes of natural daylight as early in the day as you can. He then raves about the experience of collecting your own spring water.
  • [42:50] - Luke has created a document talking about his water priorities. He explains the best kind of water to drink, and why commercially available water has nothing beneficial alive in it.
  • [50:31] - Luke has only found one company that he believes has done filtration right: PristineHydro. Their filter mimics what a spring would do to water. He then offers a code that will save you 20% on your first order there.
  • [54:18] - What is Luke’s morning routine for nourishing his mind and body? He details this process, which he says is identical from day to day.
  • [57:20] - Dr. David R. Hawkins is one of Luke’s favorite people to listen to in the morning. He lists some of his other favorites as well.
  • [60:06] - After listening to a podcast in the morning, Luke makes an herbal elixir. He lists many of the ingredients that he often includes. He then describes the next steps in his morning routine.
  • [68:01] - Luke ends his morning routine with some spiritual reading on his porch in the sun, then does a few minutes on his Bellicon trampoline.
  • [69:49] - What are Luke’s three top tips for living a stellar life?
    1. Develop a relationship with whatever energy or power created the planet and everything on it.
    2. Monitor your own thinking and thoughts, and guard yourself from thoughts based in negative energy.
    3. Address the physical level by optimizing the outer environment to be as natural as possible.
  • [73:23] - Where can people find Luke?

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Jan 23, 2018

Welcome to Stellar Life podcast! I’m your host, Stephan Spencer. My wife Orion and I are celebrating her 100th episode by switching things up. Orion will be my guest, and I’ll interview her so you can hear more of her incredible wisdom. She's a transformation coach, a love and relationship expert, and an international speaker who helps her clients (and listeners) unleash their feminine power. In other words, if you want to transform your relationship or find your soulmate, she’s the woman for you!

Connect With Orion:
Orion’s Method
@OrionTalmay on Twitter
Orion Talmay on LinkedIn
Orion Talmay on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:15] - Orion starts things off by talking about the mastermind she recently attended, and shares one powerful takeaway she got from the event.
  • [05:42] - Especially for entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get distracted with things like working on a website rather than figuratively “pressing the gas pedal,” Orion explains.
  • [07:12] - Several people have been recommending that Stephan read the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. Orion then talks about being in the world of action, which Stephan relates to Kabbalah.
  • [09:21] - Orion quotes Dr. Wayne Dyer, pointing out that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This means we need to obey the laws of the universe, including the law of action.
  • [12:38] - Stephan elaborates on what Orion has been saying, pointing out that we are all storytellers and meaning-makers.
  • [13:39] - Orion discusses the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks, as well as her time in Japan.
  • [17:26] - When Stephan first heard Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, he was skeptical. He engaged in the willing suspension of disbelief, found that the message served him, and has become a real fan.
  • [20:35] - “Worry is praying for the things you don’t want,” Orion says, quoting one of her guests. She then offers a recommendation on a way to make yourself (and those around you) happier.
  • [23:32] - Orion expands on the concept of the frowny face she has just been talking about.
  • [26:32] - When you change your mindset, you change everything, Stephan points out. He then explains that he didn’t discover Tony Robbins until he was almost 40.
  • [28:57] - Orion discusses the importance of taking care of yourself, using the analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask first.
  • [32:03] - Stephan recently learned that Oprah takes daily bubble baths to destress, and Jennifer Aniston’s morning ritual includes meditation. Orion then shares her own morning ritual.
  • [34:56] - How does Stephan exercise self-care throughout the day?
  • [36:04] - Orion talks about some of the things she does to wrap up her day. She and Stephan then talks about some of their rituals together.
  • [40:09] - We move onto the topic of nutrition, with Orion pointing out that your body craves what is in your bloodstream.
  • [41:54] - What can you do to improve your nutrition?
  • [42:32] - Stephan steps in to talk about your microbiome. He explains that there are more cells within your body belonging to other entities (like bacteria) than belonging to you. Orion then recommends probiotics and enzymes.
  • [46:18] - We learn about Restore, which Orion has started taking.
  • [48:31] - From nutrition, we move onto the topic of Orion’s community and her 7-day challenge. This challenge will be launched just before Valentine’s Day.
  • [51:22] - Orion has mentioned having proof that her challenge is successful; what is this proof? She then discusses whether the challenge will also be useful for women who are in relationships, or whether it’s just for single women.

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Jan 16, 2018

Each and every one of us has a money story. Kate Beeders, is an expert in reshaping people’s money stories and guiding them toward positive, successful interactions with money. She combines expertise in money, marketing, and mindset to help her clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and gain the tools to create professional success. She’s so clear with her message, and so skilled at offering great tools about how to set goals and change your money mindset.

Connect With Kate:

Kate Beeders
Kate Beeders on Facebook
Kate Beeders on LinkedIn
@KateBeeders on Twitter


The Mission Log:

  • [04:58] - Kate starts things off by sharing a bit about herself, and she and Orion discuss the importance of nature to the feminine.
  • [06:38] - Does Kate work more with women or with men?
  • [07:38] - We hear more about Kate’s backstory. She shares the series of events that led to her starting her business.
  • [12:06] - What are some of Kate’s favorite moments in her life so far? One of her proudest moments is when she quit smoking. Another impactful moment in her life was when her father passed away less than a year ago.
  • [14:51] - Orion did a brain scan at Amen Clinics, and learned about their “diamond pattern” in which a thought goes through a loop over and over. She then reveals that she used to be a smoker too.
  • [16:50] - Has the last year been pretty difficult for Kate due to losing her dad?
  • [18:06] - Kate talks about the tools that she uses to improve her mindset. One of these tools is tapping, which she and Orion discuss.
  • [21:00] - How has the law of attraction shown up in Kate’s life?
  • [22:15] - Kate talks more about her first interaction with Sandra Ann Taylor, who she had mentioned a moment previously.
  • [25:09] - We learn about Kate’s techniques or approach to getting to what she calls her “zone of brilliance.” The first step, she explains, is getting outside of your comfort zone.
  • [28:09] - When people do everything Kate has just described, the next piece is taking action (and figuring out exactly what action to take).
  • [31:05] - Kate talks about an area that people worry about once they reach what she and Orion have been calling the “freakout zone.”
  • [31:59] - We hear about Kate’s take on people’s limitations when it comes to money. This is one of her main focuses, she explains.
  • [33:39] - Has Kate ever had money limitations? Everyone does, she answers.
  • [35:10] - When Kate helps her clients write a new money story, she does so in several different forms.
  • [36:14] - Kate shares a case study of a time she turned around a really bad money story. In their work together, Kate helped this woman feel safe around money
  • [42:12] - Kate offers her advice to listeners on how to prepare, plan, and create a vision for money in the next year.
  • [43:40] - Orion gives a suggestion: get everything out of your head! Write down thoughts and ideas without worrying about order, and then organize it and break it down into small tasks. Kate then points out that lots of people are great at starting something, but not so good at finishing it.
  • [44:56] - How does Kate plan her year? Does she have a coach?
  • [45:32] - Does Kate have any daily rituals that she follows? One of her rituals is to send herself power statements throughout the day.
  • [46:39] - Kate eats well because it makes her brain function better. She and Orion joke about their favorite foods being ice cream and chocolate, respectively, then talk about the problems with sugar.
  • [48:15] - What are Kate’s three top tips to living a stellar life? Make sure your actions (and words) honor yourself. That’s it.
  • [48:49] - Where can people find and connect with Kate?


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Jan 9, 2018

Joining me in this episode to help you rediscover your sexiness is the amazing goddess Luci Lampe. Sexiness isn’t about your makeup, weight, bra size, or clothes. Instead, it’s about being powerful and confident. I met Luci when she interviewed me on her podcast, The Sexy Life, and talking to her felt just like talking to an old friend. She’s open, genuine, and deeply aligned with her own message, which makes this an episode you can’t miss!

Connect With Luci:

Sexy Mama Movement
Sexy Life
Luci Lampe on LinkedIn
Luci Lampe on Facebook
@sexymamamvmnt on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [04:20] - Luci takes a moment to introduce herself and explain her inspiration to inspire positive change in other.
  • [05:39] - How old was Luci when she got married, and when did she have her first baby?
  • [07:18] - We hear about how Luci’s struggle to be sexy came about, and why becoming a mother actually began to free her to be sexy.
  • [10:17] - Orion points out that lots of people think that once they find and marry their dream partner, everything will just work out.
  • [11:43] - Luci talks more about her sense of not being allowed to be sexy when she was younger, and explains how her children are growing up differently than she is.
  • [13:33] - When was the moment that Luci decided to set herself free and own her sexiness?
  • [16:07] - In 2012, Luci experienced another milestone after she decided to stop constantly “doing for the sake of doing” and to slow down and figure out who she was without all of the activity.
  • [17:42] - Orion talks about her own childhood and experience growing up, as well as the fear of being a “bad girl.”
  • [19:25] - There is no normal, Luci points out, and discusses all the rules that we create for ourselves.
  • [21:06] - What is Luci’s definition of “sexy”?
  • [22:48] - Luci and Orion chat about how they started their movements, as well as about how they come up with names and register the corresponding domains.
  • [25:46] - Orion likes the concept of there never being a convenient time. Luci then expands on the idea.
  • [27:48] - Luci and Orion talk about fitness and their shared history as trainers.
  • [30:01] - We hear about how Luci has helped women so far, and where she has seen the biggest shifts.
  • [32:33] - Luci describes her coaching style with her clients, which combines gentle support with tough love.
  • [34:18] - What is the Enneagram? Does one stay within the same personality type within the system, or move from one type to another?
  • [36:38] - Luci hasn’t dived into physical touch tools, such as tapping.
  • [37:41] - If someone listening doesn’t feel sexy right now, how can they tap into their own sexiness?
  • [40:31] - One of the biggest things that have kept Luci’s relationship with her husband sexy has been keeping communication open, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.
  • [43:52] - Luci offers advice to any single women who are listening and want to feel sexy without a partner.
  • [44:40] - What are Luci’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Take personal responsibility. 2. Give yourself space to be, without doing all the time. 3. Use your real voice and have the courage to speak up.
  • [46:55] - Where can people find and connect with Luci?

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Jan 2, 2018

Another year has flown by. In today’s episode, I just wanted to get a little personal and share some of the magical moments that I had over the last year. I learned a great deal and went on some amazing journeys. This episode is about leveling up, being open to clues sent by the universe, and living your stellar life to the fullest.

To Find Orion:

@OrionTalmay on Twitter
Orion’s Method
Stellar Life Podcast

The Mission Log:

  • [00:38] How the last year passed in the blink of an eye. I want to do this episode to share my year with you. Then my first thought was that I didn't accomplish anything.
  • [01:02] It's so typical of people who have Type A personalities who like to achieve, conquer, and have big dreams. Sometimes it takes time to manifest all of those dreams.  
  • [01:21] I took a step back and asked my husband what happened. So much happened that everything became a blur. We need to celebrate our achievements even the little things.
  • [02:09] Taking a deeper look and appreciating how much you have advanced and seeing the gifts of what has happened to help you grow.
  • [02:46] Seeing what we don't want and how it helps us see what we want.
  • [03:10] Looking at my last year. 2016 was super stressful for me because I was planning my wedding. Even with a wedding planner it wasn't easy.
  • [03:40] We had a wedding in a remote location in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. This is a beautiful remote place. It is one of the most bio-dense areas in Costa Rica. At the lodge there were monkeys, toucans, seabirds, and so much beauty.
  • [04:47] It was pouring down rain and I was stressed out of my mind, but it turned out to be a beautiful time with friends and family.
  • [05:19] 2017 was spent living my life in a new arrangement and focusing on what i really wanted to achieve.
  • [05:30] One of my biggest achievements was launching the Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge.
  • [05:38] The challenge was so awesome and every woman had so many breakthroughs, just by taking care of herself for 15 minutes a day.
  • [06:40] Women fell in love with themselves and their responses filled me with joy. This affirmed that my knowledge has enabled me to bring my mission to women and help them shine and see beyond their limitation.
  • [08:21] How I shrivel and shrink when I don't put myself beyond my comfort zone.
  • [08:27] 2018 is for expanding, growing, reaching, and touching the stars with a Stellar Life.
  • [09:20] I had amazing breakthroughs over the last year,and I am amazingly grateful for my clients and their trust in me.
  • [10:03] Awakening your own inner goddess that is sexy, juicy, and alive.
  • [10:23] Some days can shake your confidence but then signals come and everything falls into place.
  • [11:17] Try looking for the clues, listening to the messages of the universe, and be open to receive those messages.
  • [12:03] Looking beyond the 1% and getting a glimpse into how big and vast we are.
  • [12:46] I talk about seeing Donny Epstein in Denver at Transformation Gate.
  • [14:13] We learned the five steps to mastering at Neil Strauss's Secret Society for Men.
  • [15:03] We learned about marketing and Internet marketing. I find it a bit dry and it is not my zone of genius.
  • [16:30] The importance of sharing your message with the world and not holding it back.
  • [17:26] I had a visit with my family for a month. Then we visited the Dead Sea. The mineral mud soaks out all of the toxins. It makes you feel reborn.
  • [19:59] This year was a year of recovery. I had to wear a cast, I'm training, and even doing acupuncture.
  • [21:22] The injury affected my fitness routine. I also used to do Krav Maga. This is a super fast and effective martial art. It's about defending yourself and running away. I even had to stop my pole dancing classes which helped me connect with my femininity.
  • [23:53] The importance of giving yourself grace in whatever you are experiencing right now. Stop pushing too hard and give your body time to rest.
  • [25:00] Surrendering to our highest person and allowing the universe to hold us.
  • [25:54] Join a mastermind and surround yourself with like minded people.
  • [27:29] Reading books is another way to associate with great minds. You can also use the magical land of the Internet, YouTube videos, and TED Talks.
  • [28:57] Blog Herald in Orlando with Stephen and his daughter. Sometimes we have to go beyond ourselves for our loved one.
  • [29:30] The importance of taking care of yourself. Including cleansing toxic lead or toxic poisoning.
  • [30:35] Chelation and working with a naturopath and eliminating the amalgam fillings.
  • [31:15] People who love the planet and the world and want to dominate in a good way by helping the planet and other people at World Domination Summit in Portland.
  • [31:44] I talk about Mike Vardy organizing and systemizing your life. Mike will be on this show next year.
  • [32:07] Talking with Loral Langemeier: Wealth Building Mastermind. We are constantly fed lies about our worthiness to become wealthy.
  • [33:23] The more I hang out with the wealthy the more I see that we are all humans. The only difference is just a small shift in mindset.
  • [35:11] Why do you need it? Why do you want it? Guilt around having wealth. Having something just because you wanted it. It is OK to have a blessed life and have opportunities to help other people.
  • [37:22] Podcast Movement and learning how to create a better podcast. I have finally gained  the strength to share my message without hiding behind my guests.
  • [38:55] If you send me an email, I promise you that I will answer it. If you are enjoying this podcast reach out and say hi!
  • [41:14] Ground yourself and get out in nature. Lakes, forests, trees, take a walk.
  • [41:44] Biohacking. I even had Dave Asprey on my show. It was awesome. Technologies that connect you to the future of medicine.
  • [43:55] The Bulletproof conference is like Disneyworld for geeks.
  • [44:37] I also went to India which was awesome. I also spent three hours with an elephant named Star. I love elephants, she was amazing. She even talked with elephant sounds.
  • [46:32] I saw the Dalai Lama! I could feel his energy when he passed.
  • [47:01] I took my mom and sister to Greece. It was raining and there were floods, but it was wonderful.
  • [47:31] I also became an American citizen this week. It was an intimate ceremony of 5000 of us.
  • [49:03] Israel and the US are the greatest of allies, and we are very connected. I have a dual citizenship.
  • [50:29] This has been a great year. Everyone should reflect on your last year and celebrate all of your achievements.  
  • [51:40] I wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hope that all of your dreams come true.

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