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Feb 27, 2018

You probably know I love having goddesses on the show, and Agapi Stassinopoulos is truly an amazing Greek goddess! She is here to help you find that radiant inner happiness you desire. Agapi is a bestselling author and speaker who has inspired audiences around the world. She’s boldly passionate about life, joy, and helping people worldwide discover true and lasting happiness. Tune in to take your next steps down the path toward happiness, and don’t forget to check out her new book Wake Up to the Joy of You!

Connect With Agapi:

Unbinding the Heart
Agapi Stassinopoulos on Facebook
@AgapiSays on Twitter
Agapi Stassinopoulos on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [04:05] - Greek people are vibrantly alive, Agapi points out.
  • [05:17] - Agapi shares some information about who she is and how she reached the path that she’s on today.
  • [06:40] - What are some of the biggest challenges that Agapi has overcome in her life?
  • [10:34] - Orion takes a moment to talk about her community for self-love, which is full of goddesses.
  • [11:32] - Owning your power is getting to know who you are in your spirit and your beingness, Agapi explains.
  • [12:16] - Orion shares a story from Judaism about a holy man in a temple, leading to the concept that sometimes you don’t know yourself until the day you die.
  • [12:57] - That’s the great adventure of life, Agapi says in response to Orion’s story. She then tells us what her goal is with her books.
  • [14:56] - Agapi talks in more depth about her mother, who continues to be one of her deepest inspirations.
  • [15:36] - We hear about an experience Orion had recently in which she took a moment for herself to remember that the answers are in the moment.
  • [16:42] - What is Agapi’s definition of meditation?
  • [17:59] - Agapi discusses whether she was in a state of bliss, love, and meditation her whole life -- and even whether she’s in such a state now.
  • [19:15] - How did Agapi come up with 52 meditations for her book?
  • [20:10] - Agapi recommends having a meditation practice that you commit to on a daily basis.
  • [22:52] - Orion discusses the reasons that she doesn’t meditate as much as she wants to, which she does regularly but not daily. She then publicly announces that she will start a 30-day meditation love affair.
  • [24:59] - Agapi leads listeners in a brief but powerful meditation. If you’re listening while driving, be sure to come back to the episode once you’re home to go through this beautiful meditation with Agapi!
  • [32:43] - Agapi explains why the guided meditation she has just led listeners through is so powerful and calming. She then invites listeners to email her to receive a free guided meditation as a gift.
  • [34:46] - How does Agapi make her health a priority, and what is the “art of doing nothing”?
  • [37:44] - People sometimes give themselves the time to achieve their dreams, but don’t give themselves the grace to achieve their dreams, Orion points out.
  • [38:06] - Agapi feels you need to have intention about what you want.
  • [39:41] - How can we create healthy boundaries and put ourselves first without hurting others?
  • [40:58] - What is your ego, and why isn’t it your ally?
  • [42:49] - Agapi begins winding things down by reading a beautiful excerpt from the final chapter of her book.
  • [44:45] - Agapi lists some ways that listeners can get in touch with her.

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Feb 20, 2018

I met Lauren Herrera when I was on her podcast Love Is a Verb, and I just knew that she had to be on my podcast. Lauren is the founder of Eat Like a Boss, a process that helps women break away from their destructive habits with food. In this conversation, however, we’ll barely touch on food. Instead, we’ll focus on universal laws, including the law of attraction and many others. Lauren and I have both used these laws to manifest such incredible things in our lives, and we’ll show you how to do the same!

Connect With Lauren:

Lauren Herrera
Lauren Herrera on Facebook
Lauren Herrera on YouTube
@laurenmichelleherrera on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [03:04] - Orion and Lauren start things off by talking about an incredibly good acai bowl that they had together.
  • [04:42] - What does Lauren do, and what is her passion in life?
  • [05:48] - When you pinpoint the emotion at the root of a particular eating pattern, you can unlock the pattern.
  • [06:16] - We hear more about Lauren and her history, and what brought her to her current place in life.
  • [09:04] - Lauren talks about the moment that she had the epiphany that she had to learn how to podcast.
  • [09:57] - Orion discusses the amount of attention one of her Facebook posts got. Lauren then shares her thoughts on social media.
  • [13:01] - What did Lauren do after her gym failed? She answers, then Orion discusses her own experience working in a gym.
  • [15:28] - Lauren shares the impressive list of things that she does these days, including coaching, podcasting, and consulting.
  • [16:31] - What’s Lauren’s spiritual belief, and how did that help her to get to where she wants to be?
  • [18:13] - Orion discusses a conversation she had with Donny Epstein.
  • [21:49] - We hear the story of how Lauren stumbled across universal laws, and how her path has progressed.
  • [23:53] - What did Lauren learn from The Master Key System?
  • [26:34] - The book that really changed things for Orion when she was still a teenager was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
  • [27:54] - Orion and Lauren talk about what they did when they were lost in Malibu.
  • [31:42] - Let’s talk about the law of attraction! This is the universal law that gets the most traction, Lauren explains.
  • [36:58] - We hear some of the things that Orion does to guard her mind.
  • [38:34] - Lauren brings up the topic of people who may have experienced trauma or sexual assault, sharing how the law of attraction relates to these events.
  • [41:29] - What are some of Lauren’s favorite universal laws other than the law of attraction?
  • [44:12] - We hear about how Lauren used universal laws to attract her beloved.
  • [47:51] - Orion just made three more universal laws: the law of “I don’t care,” the law of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and the law of “noticing the signs.”
  • [48:37] - What are Lauren’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Be internally motivated, not externally. 2. Look for something that feels good, even in horrible situations. 3. Take care of your body.
  • [49:35] - Where can listeners learn more about Lauren? In her answer, she offers listeners a free gift, which you can find at this link!

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Feb 13, 2018

Jaqueline Marie is a love mentor, priestess, healer, and teacher of sacred feminine embodiment who has  used difficult personal experiences to find her passion for spirituality. Today, we talk about bringing femininity into the business world, and how money, love, and relationships all come together. If you want to experience more love, you need to exist in a state of gratitude and love that will be reflected back to you!

Connect With Jaqueline:

The Soul of Love
Jaqueline Marie on Facebook
Calling In Your Soulmate
The Sovereign Sisterhood on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [06:15] - Jaqueline talks a bit about herself and explains how her love-filled childhood (combined with a strictly religious upbringing and a terrible first sexual experience) helped her become the priestess and goddess that she is today.
  • [08:24] - From ages 17 through 23, Jaqueline lived with deep shame about her traumatic sexual experience. She then shares her powerful awakening story.
  • [11:43] - Jaqueline’s life changed very quickly after her awakening. She walked into a bookstore and picked up the book Change Your Aura, Change Your Life by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. (These people are still Jaqueline’s teachers.)
  • [14:21] - Orion shares her experience at Oneness University in India.
  • [17:00] - What was the next step in Jaqueline’s journey after finding and reading the aforementioned book?
  • [18:20] - We hear about Jaqueline’s first encounter with tantra, which occurred when she was 24 years old.
  • [23:22] - Orion takes a moment to rave about the powerful lessons within Jaqueline’s story.
  • [24:42] - What is the connection between a woman awakening her inner feminine power to finding and attracting the right relationship?
  • [28:11] - Jaqueline talks about ways that she helps women connect to their feminine power. She lists the three tools she works with and believes are absolutely essential for this purpose.
  • [30:21] - In the last month or so, Orion has started stretching every morning while saying affirmations to connect more deeply with her body.
  • [32:18] - How does Jaqueline help women create harmony and take care of their bodies when they’re extremely busy?
  • [36:53] - Becoming more in touch with your divine feminine helps you embrace your humanity.
  • [38:01] - Jaqueline talks about bringing femininity into the business world.
  • [40:59] - What time does Jaqueline generally stop working? Typically, she ends work at 6 PM, although it varies depending on what’s going on.
  • [41:41] - Jaqueline discusses how money, love, and relationships all come together. They’re intimately linked, she explains.
  • [42:57] - We hear the story of a successful entrepreneur who Jaqueline helped with love, whose business tripled in just a few months as a result.
  • [45:53] - What are Jaqueline’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Have a spiritual practice and a relationship with God. 2. Fall in love with your body and come alive as a woman. 3. Be fearless with your love.
  • [46:30] - Jaqueline talks about the free summit and online masterclass that she hosts. If you’re interested, check out the website for Calling In Your Soulmate!

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Feb 6, 2018

Can you believe it’s already almost Valentine’s Day? You’re in the right place if you’re looking for some holiday advice. This is the episode for you whether you’re in a relationship with a sweet and romantic partner, a lovely single lady still looking for love, or a man feeling the pressure of the expectation-laden holiday. Instead of limiting the advice you’ll hear in this episode to just one guest, I’ve compiled some of the most brilliant gems of wisdom from extraordinary guests from previous episodes. You’ll learn about love, self-love, feminine and masculine dynamics, and so much more.

Hear More From Today’s Guests:

Alison Armstrong on Stellar Life
Sheila Kelly on Stellar Life
Jaiya on Stellar Life
Athena Rosette on Stellar Life
Alexa and Aubrey on Stellar Life
Dr. Pat Allen on Stellar Life

The Mission Log:

  • [03:15] - Orion explains what listeners can expect from the show today and lists the experts who will be featured.
  • [04:08] - Today’s first expert is Alison Armstrong, a world-renowned relationship coach and author who was last year’s special Valentine’s Day guest!
  • [05:48] - Alison shares her advice for what women should do to heal themselves and what to do on Valentine’s Day.
  • [09:24] - We hear a deeply moving story about Alison’s daughter.
  • [11:14] - Orion shares one of the assignments that she gives to people in her Awaken Your Inner Goddess challenge.
  • [14:54] - Alison shares her aversion to Valentine’s Day, which she explains has a disempowering history and a false beginning.
  • [20:05] - Orion believes that love begins with self-love and self-exploration. With this point, she introduces a mentor and the next expert on this special episode, Sheila Kelly.
  • [21:13] - Sheila shares her advice on connecting to your feminine energy through movement.
  • [22:14] - What are some transformations that Sheila has seen in her students?
  • [24:44] - If that wasn’t already hot enough for you, you’re in luck with the next expert! Jaiya is a personal friend and a world-renowned sex expert.
  • [26:00] - Jaiya runs through various sexual blueprints in depth (if you don’t know yours, check out the quiz at this link!). She explains what the different blueprints are and what turns them on, as well as what the shadow side of each type looks like.
  • [33:12] - Orion points out that Jaiya has missed the shadow side of the sensual type, and Jaiya explains this type.
  • [35:12] - The next guest in this special podcast is Athena Rosette, whose alter ego is also a goddess!
  • [36:20] - Athena explains that alter egos can serve as a bridge to the next version of ourselves, and function as a safety blanket.
  • [36:57] - Athena doesn’t think that creating an alter ego is related to, or leads to, multiple personality disorder.
  • [38:14] - Does Athena name her alter ego(s), and how many does she have?
  • [42:17] - Alexa Bigwarfe and Aubrey Mathis are the next fantastic experts on the show! They’re the hosts of a podcast for the modern mom, and want to remind women that they’re more than moms and need to take care of themselves, too.
  • [43:26] - Alexa and Aubrey are glad to see women coming out of the closet in a sexual way.
  • [44:51] - What do women need to do to gain confidence?
  • [47:25] - Another part of confidence can come from honoring your own word, Orion points out.
  • [48:43] - The last expert of today is the renowned Dr. Pat Allen, who’s here to teach you about feminine energy and flirting.
  • [49:40] - What is Dr. Pat’s advice for single women this Valentine’s Day?

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