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Mar 27, 2018

We all know how hard it is to make potentially valuable professional connections, especially when you’re going in cold and don’t already have a link with the prospect in question. Dustin Matthews transforms businesses and brands, and helped take a company from $1 million to $14 million when he was just out of school. Since then, he’s only grown in his remarkable ability. In addition to being the author of bestselling books, Dustin is an innovator in the arena of brand response. I’m also lucky to count this wonderful, bright man as a friend and mentor, and I can’t wait to share him with you today!

Connect With Dustin:

Dustin Mathews
Dustin Mathews on LinkedIn
Dustin Mathews on Facebook
@dustinmathews on Twitter
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The Mission Log:

  • [04:31] - Dustin shares how he felt about Orion when he met her, and points out that he immediately saw her fire and passion.
  • [05:27] - We learn a bit about Dustin, including that he was once deathly afraid of public speaking. He also discusses how he got into marketing.
  • [07:39] - How did Dustin learn about influence? As he answers, he talks about how he got out of public speaking in school, and how he eventually needed to give a talk in public.
  • [10:51] - Dustin discusses how it went when he finally gave his public talk.
  • [13:00] - Orion takes a moment to share some of her own fears before she speaks in front of an audience. Dustin then discusses the tools he uses to get over those limiting beliefs.
  • [15:02] - Many athletes practice in their minds, Orion points out. She and Dustin then talk about Japan.
  • [18:12] - What did Dustin visualize for himself?
  • [21:21] - Dustin discusses leaving Speaking Empire and what it was like to take on that decision after nine years there.
  • [25:07] - Orion shares a story of what happened the day before she went to Japan.
  • [27:53] - We hear about the spiritual aspects of Dustin’s transition.
  • [30:57] - Dustin discusses brand response and how we can become better at branding.
  • [34:37] - Orion has been putting a lot of good content out there, but doesn’t feel she’s getting the response she should be getting. What are Dustin’s words of wisdom for her, or for listeners in her situation?
  • [39:33] - What does Dustin do to increase his own brand response?
  • [42:04] - Dustin offers more advice, some of it very unconventional and creative, on finding and approaching potential affiliates.
  • [48:19] - Dustin squeezes in one last tip on the subject he and Orion have been talking about.
  • [49:55] - What are Dustin’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Education, and always coming from a student’s mindset. #2. Be happy! #3. Move your body.
  • [53:58] - Where can people go to learn more about Dustin?

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Mar 20, 2018

Let’s talk about confidence! What is it? How is it built? How can you increase your confidence on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level? Increasing your confidence is a matter of pushing yourself beyond your limiting beliefs and discovering all the places you can go. In this episode, I’ll take a deep dive into this topic to help you become a more confident version of yourself!

The Mission Log:

  • [01:10] - Orion always wanted to be confident, especially when speaking, but struggled with using English. She explains one of the things that helped her.
  • [02:23] - We hear about an abusive relationship that Orion was in around a decade ago, and the impact it had on her.
  • [03:58] - One of the things that helped Orion the most with developing confidence was going to a Tony Robbins event.
  • [05:45] - What can you do to increase your self-confidence?
  • [07:20] - Orion points out that confidence is a spiritual thing, and explains what this means.
  • [09:36] - Orion recently published an article about vision boards and their power. She discusses the way vision boards have functioned for her in her own life.
  • [12:32] - We learn about the reticular activating system, or RAS, in the brain.
  • [14:05] - Another spiritual way to become more confident is to be confident for someone else.
  • [16:18] - Orion’s intention every time she enters a room is to light people up.
  • [18:08] - You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most, Orion explains, so make sure you’re hanging out with people who are good for you and encourage you to take bold steps!
  • [20:45] - One of the five people who Orion hangs out with the most is her cat, she jokes.
  • [21:47] - Orion talks more about going outside of her comfort zone, and why it’s so important.
  • [24:34] - What will happen when you give yourself permission to be whatever you want (as long as you don’t hurt other people)?
  • [26:08] - Allow yourself to fail, Orion advises, and offers some specific words of wisdom.
  • [27:46] - Orion moves onto talking about the emotional aspects of confidence.
  • [30:37] - We hear how what Orion has been saying relates to the wealthy people who she hangs out with.
  • [31:54] - In the previous episode of Stellar Life, Orion talked about self-love and taking care of yourself. She explains how this ties into self-confidence.
  • [32:52] - Let’s talk about the physical side of self-love! Orion describes her own journey to physical self-love.
  • [35:17] - Lots of emotions are stored in our bodies, and when we move, we also move out those negative emotions.
  • [35:47] - Orion recommends dressing to impress. She also suggests adopting a specific posture before any important event.
  • [37:36] - Orion digs into the topic of breathing patterns, specifically as they relate to experiencing anxiety. She then walks listeners through a short breathing exercise.

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Mar 13, 2018

Today’s episode is all about self-love! If you’re not familiar with the power of self-love, this might sound like it’s about being arrogant or self-centered. But self-love doesn’t have to be like that at all! Instead, it involves beautiful concepts such as forgiving yourself, trusting yourself, setting (and sticking to) your boundaries, taking care of your health, and saying yes to positive experiences. As part of my own self-love journey, I’m going to do this episode solo because I trust myself and my knowledge to be valuable enough to share with you!

The Mission Log:

  • [01:58] - Orion talks about what self-love is (and isn’t), and mentions the dictionary’s definitions of self-love.
  • [03:52] - Self-love is taking actions that are directed toward promoting your well-being, Orion explains. One of the major factors in this is forgiving yourself.
  • [06:40] - Orion talks about what the difference is between being proactive and reactive, and clarifies why it’s so important to be proactive.
  • [08:53] - Only when Orion slows down is she able to function at her best.
  • [10:36] - One of the days in the challenge that Orion did was about forgiveness. She talks about some of the things she had to forgive in her own life.
  • [12:28] - We hear about an upcoming episode’s guest, Byron Katie, and her system involving four questions.
  • [15:06] - Self-love looks like self-trust, Orion explains, and talks about what this means.
  • [17:14] - Orion has learned to separate the guru from the method and understand that it’s okay to release what you don’t need, especially the attachment to that particular person being your guide.
  • [18:36] - We learn about what intuition is, and some of the reasons that it can be so important.
  • [20:31] - Orion offers a piece of advice: talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend. She offers some personal insight into how she has felt about her body, and the importance of accepting yourself the way you are.
  • [23:15] - You’re perfect just the way you are, Orion points out, and you’ll suffer until you accept your perfect imperfections.
  • [24:04] - Orion talks more about the seven-day challenge she did with her group, and describes the day they did mirror work.
  • [26:54] - Orion offers an exercise for listeners: touch a part of your body that you’re having a hard time with, and say, “I love you” and “thank you” to that part of yourself.
  • [29:02] - A tip you can use to create more self-love is to practice saying no and being assertive. You can still be kind, but protect yourself and your boundaries.
  • [30:30] - You can also practice saying yes! Orion lists some things you should say yes to.

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Mar 6, 2018

Today's guest is very near and dear to my heart, my sweet husband Stephan Spencer. Professionally, Stephan is a world-renowned SEO, author, and speaker known for his marketing expertise. Until a few years ago, he was a total geek! After the experiences you’ll hear about in this conversation, he transformed so completely that people who knew the “old Stephan” still sometimes don’t recognize him. Tune in to learn about his transformation, and how you can have one of your own!

Connect With Stephan:

Stephan Spencer
The Optimized Geek
Marketing Speak
Stephan Spencer on LinkedIn
Stephan Spencer on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [01:52] - Stephan kicks things off by sharing a bit about himself, briefly explaining the life path that brought him to where he is today professionally.
  • [03:57] - How did Stephan start his transformation after his 18-year marriage?
    [06:02] - Orion jumps in to explain how much of Stephan’s demeanor was problematic before his transformation. He then talks about how he ended up going to his first Tony Robbins event.
  • [07:42] - We hear about Stephan’s fire walk, and how it relates to the fears he had lived with for much of his life. He also addresses people’s initial reactions to his transformation.
  • [11:54] - What would Stephan offer as advice to listeners who want to start their own transformation journeys?
  • [14:02] - We sometimes underestimate the power of mentorship, Orion points out.
  • [14:32] - When Stephan changed his external appearance, what else changed for him? He answers, then offers more advice for listeners.
  • [19:04] - Stephan discusses what studies have found about smiling.
  • [19:30] - Stephan’s spiritual transformation is more important to him than his physical transformation.
  • [21:21] - In 2010, after going through a lot of physical and mindset changes, Stephan went on a spirituality intensive in India. He describes the experience.
  • [24:05] - If the old, pre-transformation Stephan were in the room listening to all of this, what would he think?
  • [26:02] - Stephan discusses what it means to find God.
  • [28:28] - After having mentioned it a moment ago, Stephan explains what Kabbalah is for unfamiliar listeners.
  • [32:21] - What profound things has Stephan learned from Kabbalah?
  • [35:53] - Stephan offers a quick test for listeners to see whether you’re falling into the trap of undervaluing money.
  • [37:35] - We hear about how Stephan moved past his addiction to sugar. In his explanation, he clarifies the difference between suppression and restriction.
  • [42:29] - Orion shares a recent story about going out to dinner with Stephan and one of his friends, explaining that she’s still in between restriction and suppression.
  • [44:15] - Stephan offers his recommendation for Orion based on what she has just discussed.
  • [47:24] - It’s important to find an outlet so you don’t feel totally deprived, Stephan explains. His own outlet is having sugar on holidays.
  • [48:25] - What are Stephan’s three top tips for living a stellar life? #1. Find a mentor who embodies the attributes you want in that area of your life. #2. Learn with the intention of teaching that thing to others. #3. Get off of Netflix, because you can waste a lot of time binge-watching things.
  • [50:52] - Stephan offers a fourth tip: appreciate your loved one every night before you go to sleep with three specific appreciations.
  • [51:52] - Orion and Stephan give an example of this by giving some appreciations to the audience.

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