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Apr 24, 2018

Mike Vardy, my friend and mentor, joins me today to talk about scheduling your life. Mike helped me organize my business and projects, and I believe his advice and framework can be life-changing for you too. He’s the founder of Productivityist and the host of the Productivityist podcast, as well as a three-time author and a regular contributor to outlets including Lifehacker and The Huffington Post. Tune in to learn how you can harness time to achieve your fullest potential and make the most of your days, months, and years!

Connect With Mike:

Mike Vardy
@mikevardy on Twitter
@Productivityist on Twitter
Mike Vardy on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:55] - Believe it or not, Mike used to struggle with organization and keeping things in perspective, and still finds it challenging.
  • [05:51] - How does Mike go about planning his year? In his answer, he talks about when his year starts and the concept of giving themes to each month.
  • [10:09] - Mike gives a specific example of how his monthly theme applies to the things he decides to do.
  • [15:02] - Orion points out that what Mike has been talking about is the difference between being task-oriented and goal-oriented.
  • [15:58] - Mike explores another way that themed days can be helpful, and explains that people have more control over their time than they think.
  • [20:50] - What are some examples of Mike’s themed months, weeks, and days, and what is the horizontal way of blocking time?
  • [24:58] - Mike gives an example: instead of saying “get fit” in January, your monthly theme might be decluttering, which would involve decluttering your pantry.
  • [26:17] - Weekly sprints override monthly themes, Mike explains, and talks about how this can function.
  • [28:50] - Mike talks about how he decides which day of his week has which theme, and shares a story about a request his wife made.
  • [31:17] - Mike digs into the topic of horizontal themes, which override daily themes.
  • [33:09] - For listeners who aren’t familiar with the framework by Dr. Michael Breus, Orion explains the context of the four animals that she and Mike have been talking about.
  • [37:05] - A real problem for lots of people is hyper-scheduling, where people put too much specificity (and not enough choice) into their calendars.
  • [38:58] - We hear about some of Mike’s favorite productivity apps and how he uses them, as well as how to “focus on the app within first.”
  • [44:07] - Mike offers a quick example of what Evernote is good for.
  • [46:04] - What does Mike do on the days when he doesn’t feel like doing anything?
  • [48:57] - Mike takes a moment to recommend The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, and talks about his own tendencies.
  • [52:55] - To foster desire, planning is part of it, but reflecting is another huge part, Mike points out.
  • [54:52] - What are Mike’s three top tips for living a stellar life? #1. Capture everything and regret nothing. #2. Give your days and time more definition. #3. Journal your life.

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Apr 17, 2018

Think back over your life. Can you identify at least one moment in which you felt truly connected to God, the Universe, or a higher consciousness? Danelle Magtibay has such a powerful connection with the universe that she has a full client list without advertisements, self-promotion, or even a website. She has studied transformation, universal laws, and oneness for 25 years. She brings all of that wisdom to today’s deep conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

Connect With Danelle:

@DanelleMagtibay on Twitter
Danelle Magtibay on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [04:04] - Danelle introduces herself and gives listeners a quick overview of her life (and coaching) story.
  • [04:57] - What was Danelle’s spiritual awakening like? As she answers, she shares a powerful story about the moment her life changed.
  • [09:58] - Giving on air gives Orion the opportunity to go deeper with people than she might be able to in private conversations.
  • [11:22] - Orion shares an experience of her own about sensing and feeling God as love.
  • [13:42] - Danelle has a son who has autism, who was nonverbal until he was almost seven years old. She connects this to what she and Orion have been saying about the limits of language.
  • [15:37] - A big piece of where our suffering comes from is the illusion of separation, Danelle explains.
  • [17:45] - How does Danelle keep a higher vibration?
  • [19:17] - Danelle talks more about her comment that some of her communication and information comes from non-human beings.
  • [23:32] - Orion and Danelle talk about their lifespan goals (180 and 130, respectively).
  • [25:11] - As Orion grows older, she feels like her connection with her guide isn’t constant. How can she get to the next level and connect constantly and clearly?
  • [31:07] - Danelle talks about how she prevents herself from being reactive in the moment when something triggers her.
  • [34:35] - We hear about Danelle’s father’s death when she was 15 years old.
  • [35:34] - Danelle discusses the observer, as well as the other internal voices and layers of the mind.
  • [38:07] - Why is the problematic little voice so loud, and the truth a whisper?
  • [39:03] - We hear about how alter egos play into the grand scheme of things.
  • [41:05] - Orion talks about recently attending the 90 Day Year seminar with Todd Herman, who teaches people to step into their alter ego.
  • [46:14] - Danelle responds to what Orion has been saying, sharing the visual that she gets based on Orion’s words.
  • [49:44] - What are Danelle’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Be yourself. #2. Know that you belong here. #3. Know that it’s safe to be here.
  • [50:30] - Where can people find Danelle if they want to get in touch with her or work with her?

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Apr 10, 2018

Sometimes it feels like there’s no way to avoid being brought down by all the bad news. It can be hard to remember that there’s good in the world, too. Ione Butler agrees, and that’s why she started the incredible Uplifting Content. The site has millions of followers who enjoy its short, amazing videos that show the positive in the world and leave you feeling good. In addition to being an uplifting visionary, Ione is a talented actress and an all-around amazing person. I’m honored to have her as a friend, and after you hear this episode, I think you’ll adore her as much as I do!

Connect With Ione:

Ione Butler on YouTube
Ione Butler on Twitter
The Uplifting Content Podcast with Ione Butler
Ione Butler on Instagram
Ione Butler on Facebook
Uplifting Content
Uplifting Content on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [04:03] - Ione agrees with Orion’s point that the people you surround yourself with are incredibly important.
  • [04:28] - Ione shares her origin story, including her ethnicity, where she was born and raised, and how she got into acting. She also digs into how she realized that creating Uplifting Content was important to her.
  • [09:56] - Orion points out the ratio of bad news to good news, and mentions some of her own upbringing and childhood.
  • [11:48] - We hear about Adam Siddiq, a mutual friend of Ione’s and Orion’s, and Ione points out that Adam’s family could still find the joy despite some terrible circumstances.
  • [16:16] - How did Ione start Uplifting Content? In her answer, Ione talks about the earliest days of the now-popular site.
  • [18:34] - Orion brings up Abraham-Hicks and shares some of the inspiration she gleaned regarding focusing on the positive.
  • [20:33] - Ione points out that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Orion then points out that worrying is praying for what you don’t want.
  • [23:11] - Orion shares a powerful point about chasing the horizon, which is a mental construct that our brain creates to separate the earth from the sky.
  • [26:14] - What was the emotion behind creating Uplifting Content? Was Ione excited about getting millions of views, or did she just want to put it out there and see where it went?
  • [29:15] - Ione has been struggling with the idea of being addicted to social media, and she and Orion debate the necessity of being viral.
  • [32:34] - Orion talks about the overall balance between darkness and light in the grand scheme of things.
  • [33:14] - What makes a video go viral, and what makes people want to share your content?
  • [34:26] - Ione talks about the size of her team, which is surprisingly small. She then talks about where she sees her company going in the future.
  • [35:41] - Who was the most surprising person who Ione has ever collaborated with?
  • [36:40] - Ione discusses whether her relatively young demographic has surprised her.
  • [37:53] - We hear about how Ione helped herself feel worthy of the good in life when she was going through a hard time.
  • [40:36] - One of the things that Orion teaches her clients is that it’s okay to feel all of your emotions, she explains, but not to stay there for too long.
  • [44:46] - What are Ione’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1: Spend your time and energy surrounded by people you love. #2: Do things that you enjoy doing for the fun of doing them. #3: Travel a lot.
  • [45:30] - Where can people reach Ione and get more of her uplifting content?

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Apr 3, 2018

My amazing husband, Stephan Spencer, invited me to interview him on his podcast The Optimized Geek for its special 100th episode. We had an incredible conversation in which he shared his wisdom and all the lessons, tips, tricks, tools, and insights he’s learned from the world-class guests on his podcast. In addition to being my wonderful husband and the love of my life, Stephan is a three-time author and a true genius. He’s also an all-around amazing person! The conversation was so interesting and value-packed that I decided to bring it to you here on Stellar Life!

Connect With Stephan:

Stephan Spencer @sspencer on Twitter Stephan Spencer on LinkedIn The Optimized Geek Marketing Speak

The Mission Log:

  • [02:23] - When Stephan looks back to his first episode of the Optimized Geek almost two years ago, what was he thinking in creating that podcast?
  • [04:43] - We learn about Stephan’s purpose on earth, which is to make a difference for millions of people, and his ideal legacy.
  • [05:42] - Stephan talks about the biggest changes in his life since starting the show, one of which is beginning to study the Kabbalah.
  • [07:15] - In the years that they’ve been together, Orion has seen Stephan evolve a lot. We hear about some of the episodes that have helped Stephan along this path.
  • [09:05] - We hear some of Stephan’s praise for Orion’s podcast, Stellar Life.
  • [09:59] - Stephan shares his thoughts on how spirituality and sexuality are related
  • [11:12] - What is Stephan’s definition of spirituality? He and Orion discuss the topic, then move onto talking about sexual blueprints.
  • [13:13] - Stephan thinks that Gary Chapman’s concept of five love languages is a good analogy for sexual blueprints. We learn how these languages function within his relationship with Orion.
  • [15:52] - What are some of the most interesting ideas that Stephan has gotten from relationship experts on his show, and which ideas is he implementing in his own life?
  • [19:29] - Orion talks about a simple way of drawing more goodness into your life and relationship by focusing on the good.
  • [20:10] - We hear more about what Stephan has learned about relationships from the conversations he has had on the Optimized Geek.
  • [23:58] - What has Stephan learned from the fitness experts on his show? In his answer, we learn that Stephan is already seeing results from going back to the gym.
  • [26:26] - Stephan explains what biohacking is and how it can make a difference. Orion then recommends Dave Asprey.
  • [28:22] - Why do we need stem cell injections, and why do we need to bank our stem cells to use in the future?
  • [31:49] - Let’s talk about brain hacking! We start off by talking about mindset and conditioning your mind for success.
  • [36:08] - How does Stephan prioritize and manage his time?
  • [40:46] - Orion moves on to talking about delegating, which is an important aspect of time management and getting things done.
  • [43:38] - Stephan describes some of the most successful people in the world’s most powerful traits.
  • [46:00] - How can you detect if someone is lying?
  • [48:51] - After Stephan has shared a story about overcoming two of his fears, Orion takes a deeper dive into the subject.
  • [51:51] - Orion explains that she and Stephan are seminar junkies, which is why they know so much about the topics they’ve been discussing in this conversation.
  • [54:24] - Stephan shares his three top tips for optimizing your inner geek: 1. Establish new habits (like morning rituals or affirmations) that will set you up for success. 2. Really question your thoughts, because your thoughts often aren’t true, and suffering is optional. 3. Because knowledge is power, always learn, optimize, and uplevel in every aspect of your life. (One way to do this is by listening to every episode of the Optimized Geek!)

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