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May 16, 2017

Today’s guest, the lovely Chelsey Marie, is a brand designer, marketing strategist, and the founder of Chelsey is a go-to girl when it comes to creating an online presence that reflects who you really are -- and, as you’ll hear in this conversation, she deeply believes in the importance of being yourself in your brand. In our chat, she shares wonderful insight into how you can bravely be who you are in your presence online and in your brand. We learn several tips that she used to get 2,500 people on her first webinar, how she found the courage to pursue her business, and what she sees as her most valuable assets as a successful businesswoman.

Connect With Chelsey:
@iamchelseymarie on Instagram
@IamChelseyMarie on Twitter
@BeYouBranding on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:59] - Chelsey introduces herself and explains the core of what she does. She also talks about the history of her own company.
  • [04:20] - How did Chelsey’s success at a young age affect her as a person? She mentions the moments when she decided to quit her Victoria’s Secret job, and later school, to focus on her business.
  • [06:44] - Chelsey shares a moment that showed her the difference between herself and her peers in the early days of her business.
  • [10:34] - We learn about how Chelsey found the courage to pursue her business, and she shares some of what her home life was like and how it helped her.
  • [12:20] - Orion talks about the connection between creativity, faith, and spirituality.
  • [12:04] - How did Chelsey get 2,500 people on her first webinar?
  • [15:10] - What were some of the greatest hooks that got people to sign up for Chelsey’s webinar? She offers several key tips for people who don’t currently have a mentor to help them with this.
  • [18:39] - Chelsey loves using Instagram to promote her brand, she explains.
  • [20:42] - Chelsey has been mentioning a marketing calendar; here, she goes into more depth about her system and how it works.
  • [24:53] - Perspective is what Chelsey would consider the greatest strength that she has as a young entrepreneur.
  • [27:11] - Chelsey shares her definition of a brand: “Your brand is anything and everything that leaves a first impression.” She explains that you don’t need to wait to become bigger before you can become a brand.
  • [30:27] - What are some questions we can ask ourselves when we’re creating our brand’s identity?
  • [31:22] - Chelsey talks about the first conversation she has with a new client who comes to her for help with branding.
  • [32:46] - What elements are important in a brand or website? Chelsey talks in depth about the visuals as well as the words that you choose.
  • [36:16] - Your logo is important, but it isn’t everything, Chelsey explains.
  • [36:46] - The biggest mistake Chelsey sees people make is being “Vicky Vanilla.” This involves wanting everyone to like you, and therefore watering your message down to make everyone happy.
  • [38:53] - What can we do to avoid being Vicky Vanilla? In her answer, Chelsey shares the story of a particular client who she helped with this.
  • [42:05] - There isn’t much of a difference between who Chelsey is in her day-to-day life and on stage, she explains, but there are certain things that she keeps private.
  • [43:13] - What are some of Chelsey’s favorite brands that are good examples of branding?
  • [44:47] - Chelsey shares her three top tips to living a stellar life. 1: Be brave in all that you do. 2: Know that you don’t know everything, and find the right people to partner with. 3: Play and be creative as often as you can.
  • [46:29] - Chelsey offers a giveaway to Stellar Life listeners: a three-video series called How to Start Standing Out.

Links and Resources:
@iamchelseymarie on Instagram
@IamChelseyMarie on Twitter
@BeYouBranding on Facebook
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