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May 2, 2017

Today’s guest makes this episode even more Stellar than most! She's Valerie Elster - a galactic shaman who facilitates multidimensional healing sessions, consciousness workshops, and more. She’s a lightworker who is generously willing to share her journey and wisdom in soul remembrance and ancient reconnection. Valerie is a channel for light-language, and she tells us how to step into your truth, listen intently, and go with your heart.

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The Mission Log:

  • [03:18] - Valerie starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and her ten years on her healing path.
  • [04:42] - We hear a bit about how people tend to react to Valerie.
  • [06:09] - What does Valerie channel? In her answer, she explains that she sometimes feels like a direct channel, and other times it’s remembrance instead. She then discusses the light languages that she speaks.
  • [08:59] - Valerie discusses light language in more depth, explaining whether she can control it or whether she just channels it when it comes.
  • [10:47] - We learn more about what Valerie means by the “galactic realm.”
  • [12:15] - Valerie talks about what it means that she’s the “oracle of Orion” (in the sense of the stars/constellation, not our host Orion).
  • [13:40] - Valerie discusses light language again. She then spends a moment speaking in light language.
  • [14:21] - We hear the translation of what Valerie has just said in light language.
  • [15:41] - Do the other civilizations Valerie has been talking about exist in 3D form with flesh and blood, or are they pure energy?
  • [15:13] - Orion and Valerie discuss whether beings from these other civilizations exist on earth with us, what they look like, and why they’re here.
  • [17:40] - How do these beings assist us here on earth?
  • [19:26] - Valerie says there are about five different star systems that work with earth, but there are many more star families out there.
  • [21:10] - Valerie goes into more depth about her journey to connecting with her power and becoming a shaman.
  • [24:27] - She reveals that she began speaking light languages in 2012 or 2013.
  • [26:23] - Valerie discusses whether everybody can access and translate the Akashic records the way she does.
  • [27:36] - We learn about Valerie’s everyday rituals and how often she enters a meditative space. She also reveals that her son is a crystal child.
  • [29:21] - Valerie explains what a crystal child is, and talks about other generations and their roles.
  • [31:03] - What do we need in order to step into our gifts?
  • [33:44] - Valerie talks about abuse of power under the guise of spirituality.
  • [36:03] - Orion asks Valerie whether she has heard of Donny Epstein, who works with Tony Robbins. She then shares her experiences with Donny.
  • [38:33] - Valerie begins speaking in a light language again.
  • [39:14] - Valerie translates the light language words she just spoke. The meaning is related to ascension and awakening.
  • [41:04] - Orion brings up the topic of seminars, explaining that she goes to one a week sometimes because she loves to learn and expand. She then talks about the sensation that her energy has been growing.
  • [42:32] - Valerie is being pushed to be out more, she explains.
  • [43:43] - Do Valerie’s guides have any message to share with the listeners? The answer involves stepping into your truth, listening intently, and going within the heart. She and Orion then discuss this, then Orion asks how to combine her two worlds.
  • [47:03] - Valerie offers her answer to Orion’s question, emphasizing the importance of stepping out into a bigger space.
  • [48:49] - The statement of “I am” is powerful because we’re infinite, Valerie explains.
  • [50:34] - Valerie reveals that one of the reasons she hasn’t been particularly social in public is that she’s very sensitive. She then explains that emanating love is is a protective barrier.
  • [52:31]-  What does Valerie teach people in her workshops?
  • [53:18] - After having used the term several times, Valerie clarifies what Akashic records are. As Orion puts it, these records are “the universal Google.”
  • [55:40] - What are Valerie’s top three tips to living a stellar life? 1. Transparency. 2. Meditation. 3. Radical self love and compassion.
  • [56:39] - Valerie lists some places where listeners can find her.

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